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Flat flex cable (FFC)

Flat Flexible Connector and Cable Applications

0.5mm and 1.00mm pitch FFC cable perfectly complements GCT’s FFC connector range. Cable is available in 8 to 80 conductors in 0.5mm pitch and 4-50 conductors in 1.00mm pitch with a variety of thickness options. The Flat Flex cable is available in A type - Contacts same side or D Type – Contacts opposite sides, whichever your design requires. Standard cable is suitable for 80°C and 60 volts. Lengths start from 30mm up to 1meter plus and are specifiable on the FFC cable drawing. There are a wide range of special options available upon request, including shielding/grounding, high temperature, folding and bending to angles and complete stripped ends for direct PCB soldering.

GCT's FFC Connector Range

FFC Side Entry - Flip Lock – Bottom ContactFFC Side Entry - Slide Lock - Top ContactFFC Side Entry - Flip Lock – Bottom Contact

Available as:
  • 0.5mm and 1.0mm connector pitch
  • Surface mount
  • Side and Top entry
  • Side entry parts – Top and bottom contact options
  • ZIF (Zero Insertion Force)
  • Slide and flip lock actuator styles

Why choose Flat Flexible cable solutions over IDC or discrete wire types?

Customers have many choices when it comes to wire to board connections, so why should they choose flat flexible cable connectors over other wire to board solutions, such as IDC/IDT or discrete wire types?

The key advantage is FFC offers a one piece component solution, no need for male and female connectors and labour intensive cable assemblies , this means it’s a lower cost and easier procurement.

Compared to other solutions FFC connectors generally offer a low height profile, small PCB footprint light weight and are simple for operators to terminate in final box build.

GCT’s connector are ZIF, or Zero Insertion Force, this means that when the cable is in place no force is exerted on the cable contacts by the connector contact. A locking actuator holds the cable in place which is beneficial in applications with shock and high vibration.

Flat flexible cable connectors are also favoured in applications where mechanical flexibility is critical, such as those products with moving parts, such as scanners or photocopiers. FFC cable is designed to be bent many times without damage, this puts less stress on all components, vs. cable types with round or stranded conductions which may be damaged not only in the core conductor, but where physical strain is being put on crimped areas. Even movement of crimps within a housing could cause damage to housings.

Flat Flexible Connectors - Actuator/locking types

Flip Lock Connectors

Flip Lock Connectors

Slide Lock Connectors

Slide Lock Connectors