FFC Connectors

FFC connectors are available in surface mount, choose between 0.5mm and 1.0mm contact pitch, and either horizonal or vertical FFC/FPC cable entry.

Horizontal connectors are either top or bottom contact. Normally Flat Flexible Cable has exposed contacts on one side only, choose the appropriate contact type allowing the FFC cable to mate with the connector depending on your system design.

Cable locking options are flip or slide, flip lock types allow an easier operator experience.

Product specifications, technical drawings and a selection of 3D models are available for all parts.

All FFC Connectors are fully RoHS and Reach compliant.


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  • Pitch
    Distance between connector pin centrelines.
  • Actuator Type
    Choose between flip or slide lock, there are more options for slide lock. See visual guide here.
  • Cable entry type
    Defines the entry point of flat flexible cable, for side entry parts the cable is inserted in horizontal orientation, for top entry in vertical orientation.
  • Cable contact type
    Horizontal connectors only

    Horizontal Flat flex connectors are either top or bottom contact. Top contacts accept flat flex cable with exposed contacts facing upwards, bottom contacts accept flat flex cable with exposed contacts facing downwards.

    FFC Cable has exposed contacts on one side and strengthened backing on the flip side. The cable contacts may be exposed on the same side (type A) or opposite sides (type D).

    Choose the appropriate combination of FFC connector contact type and FFC cable contact orientation, depending on your system design and PCB orientation.

    See our visual guide.

  • Profile
    The height profile of FFC connectors above the PCB. For connectors with latch, profile denotes the connector in closed position.

FFC Connectors - 1 connectors

FFC1B06 - 0.3mm Side entry Flat Flexible Cable Connector

Series: FFC1B06

Product Status: Active
Actuator TypeFront Flip lock
Contact typeBottom contact
Number of contacts13 - 51
PCB mount typeSurface mount
Entry typeSide entry

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