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Expert Tips:

Need help specifying board to board stacking connectors?

GCT can help! For the uninitiated PCB stacking applications use male and female connectors to make an electrical connection and achieve physical PCB spacing.

GCT offer 157 different board to board connector ranges! It can be difficult to select the right part, there are so many connector choices, and when you’ve selected the appropriate connector there are multiple dimensions and many other options to choose.

Whatever parallel PCB stacking dilemmas you face, GCT's connector experts will help you. In addition to standard headers and sockets there are also a huge range of stacking headers and sockets, with flexible choices in spacing stacking heights and lead lengths to suit customer designs.

The stacking connector range spans pitches from 1.00 mm (.039″) to 2.54 mm (.1″) in surface mount and thru hole, with single, dual and triple rows. GCT's board to board stacking connector range offer total flexibility, with adjustable dimensions on mating pins, PCB thru pins and critically the ‘gap’ between PCB’s dimension. All dimensions are specifiable to 0.01 mm, to ensure exact board spacing requirement is achieved.

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As well as standard ‘open’ pin header with exposed pins, there are options for shrouded stacking headers. Headers are keyed and mating with the socket is possible in one orientation only, in connector terms this is known as polarisation. Shrouded connectors also offer increased physical strength when mated and insulated header pins reduce the chance of shorting.

Stacking shrouded sockets normally feature completely isolated contacts, which eliminates shorting risk. They are available in a variety of stack height options, a slightly less flexible and more expensive choice than stacking headers but perfect for certain applications, especially where the header design is out of the customer’s control, such as in the case of an outsourced off the shelf module PCB with a standard pin header.

In addition GCT offer a wide range of non-standard board to board connector choices, such as a right angle elevated header which allows right angle PCB mating, custom SMT lead lengths, and custom packaging.

Whatever the requirement is contact GCT today. Our engineers will walk you through the range and find the perfect parts for your design.

Alternatively to speed up design go to GCT.co where you'll find narrow your search and comparison functionality, here is the specific link for 'elevated' products. The website allows customers to order samples and download drawings, 3D models and product specifications.

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