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Micro SD Memory Card Connectors

Micro SD memory card connectors in push-push and hinged styles:

Push Push Micro SD Card Connector - all version top PCB mount - surface mount
Micro SD card is pushed to accept and pushed to eject, normally used in equipment accessible (thru a panel) to the outside world.

  • MEM2051 with normally open card detect switch, no locating peg, 1.95mm profile.
  • MEM2061 with normally closed card detect switch, no locating peg, 1.88mm profile.
  • MEM2075 with normally open card detect switch, with locating peg, 1.40mm profile - Super-slim product, the lowest profile MicroSD connector from GCT.

Hinged Micro SD Card Connector - PCB mount not defined as Micro SD card inserted into connector from above
The hinge is opened, Micro SD card pressed into the connector body, hinge closed, full Micro SD insertion instructions available on datasheet.

  • MEM2067 without card detection switch, no locating peg, 1.80mm profile.

All MicroSD memory card connectors are RoHS compliant.


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  • Card Type
    Defines the type of memory card. At present GCT offer options for micro SD, also known as transflash only.
  • Connector Style
    Micro SD card connectors are available in the following styles:
    • Push-Push -the microSD card is pushed into place and pushed again to release, ejecting by spring action. Push-Push is often used in consumer applications where users insert and eject transflash cards into a device.
    • Hinged - the connector opens to allow insertion of microSD card, hinged types are useful where a positive lock is required, especially in high vibration environments.
  • Locating Peg
    Locating pegs used to hold the connector in place during solder process and may provide extra strength post soldering. Also known as plastic post.

Memory Card Connectors - 1 connectors

Distributor Stock Available
MEM2075 - MicroSD Push push Memory Card Connector

Series: MEM2075

Product Status: Active
Connector stylePush push
Number of contacts8 (+1 for CD Switch)
PCB mount typeSurface mount
Card detection switchNormally open switch
Card typeMicroSD
Locating peg optionsWith locating peg

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