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GCT Team:

Lutz Koelman reviews his first 6 months as Central European Sales Manager

Q1. How have things been for you since joining GCT last year?

Once I’d acclimatized to the GCT way I was very motivated in my new role which is now resulting in new opportunities and business.

Q2. Can you give us a some background on your career to date?

I’ve been working at TE for many years in a Senior Management position and it was time for a change. I'm really enjoying being back at the roots of sales where GCT make it possible to make independent, powerful decisions that move the needle.

Q3. What skills and experience have you bought to the GCT team?

Being in the e-mech industry for more than 40 years I have added to the GCT knowledge pool with my experiences from different interconnect areas. These include manufacturing of copper strands and wires, cable harnessing and finally connector manufacturing itself.

Q4. Which GCT products do see as being well suited for your customers?

Since we have a very focused portfolio I have seen excellent levels of interest on all products. We have very detailed knowledge of our standard and custom parts and can support our customer very quickly with their technical and commercial requirements.

Also, GCT has by far the best-in-class website for engineers regarding their interconnect ranges. All the engineering data you will ever need is on the site as well as links to distribution stock. I highly recommend taking a look at www.gct.co.

Q5. Are there any market or product trends you are seeing currently?

As we go through a time with uncertainty and unpredictable outlooks it is very important to give customers a very high service level. Quick response times, fair prices and short lead-times are key to be successful and valued as a true partner. Due to the fact that GCT is a very dynamic company with an excellent distribution network we can offer this to all our customers and prospects.

Q6. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Again, I want to promote our website as it is worth visiting and using.

Lutz Koelman with his dogs

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