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GCT Team:

Welcome Rene Dubois, our new VP Sales in North America

Q1. How are you settling into your new role at GCT?

Integrating into GCT was incredibly fast and easy thanks to the support and resources of co-workers and our systems in place. GCT employees are very generous with their time and openly communicate information that is important to anyone’s success. Our CRM and database effectively enable collaboration and tracking of opportunities and sales performance data. Likewise, our people are available to quickly respond regardless of time zone or region. GCT definitely has what it takes to efficiently formulate, integrate, and execute our global strategy.

Q2. Can you give us some background on your career to date?

My account management experience evolved from two career paths, both offering great products. The first was in high-tech semi-conductor capital equipment and the second in less technology intense commodity level components for commercial vehicles. However, both situations required highly reliable products, delivered on time, repeatably. GCT does all this with a technology product sometimes considered a market commodity, but once again allowing me to offer extremely reliable and reputable products that quickly enables strong customer relationships based on connector needs.

Q3. What skills and experience have you brought to the GCT product team?

Having previously worked in global organizations, I’m comfortable aligning GCT’s strategic direction to customer feedback on multiple accounts and regions. It’s great to also utilize my cross-functional team experience to position GCT products with specific customers and the competitive landscape. 

Q4. Are there any market and product trends do you see currently?

It was exciting to join during the release of our truly waterproof USB Type C connector. Feedback from customers so far is exciting, and they want more configurations such as power with high or low-speed data, and mounting options. Of course, the validation process involves significant effort and resources. But knowing that we have design options in our development pipeline is good news for supporting the market trend in various outdoor device applications.

Q5. Is there anything else you would like to add?

During my interviews with GCT, I was specifically interested in company culture, a key factor regardless of industry or position. The description communicated during the interview, about the experience people have day-to-day, sometimes dealing with difficult situations, was convincing. But the second week after starting was impactful proof. Management advised an employee to hire a taxi rather than rental a car over concern about jet lag – a simple remark, but the remarkable example of GCT management caring for the welfare of employees which sets the tone of our culture.

Meet Rene Dubois, our new VP Sales, North

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