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GCT Team:

Richard Clark looks back at the past year as GCT Global Distribution Manager

Q1. How have things been for you since joining GCT last year?

I believe I have settled well into my role as GCT Global Distribution Manager and now feel fully integrated into the company culture and processes. It was necessary at the start of my tenure to understand the needs and priorities of working in a smaller organisation, but I have been very impressed by the commitment of everybody and our ability to react quickly to support our customers. I have enjoyed the scope and support that I have been given to assess and organise how we engage and manage our distribution network, and to start to develop a longer-term Distribution strategy.

Q2. Can you give us a some background on your career to date?

In the 40 years prior to joining GCT, I have only ever worked for two companies, firstly Rolls-Royce where I latterly managed Product Support on jet engines for major European Airline customers; before switching entirely to the Electronics industry and the world of connectors with AMP, who subsequently became TE Connectivity.

I was with AMP / Tyco / TE for 25 years, initially having responsibility for IBM and Compaq in Scotland, before moving to the Distribution Channel, where I was involved in a variety of Account Mgmt roles looking after Future, Avnet and then latterly as Global Account Director for the TTI Family of companies (TTI, Mouser and Sager Electronics).

Q3. What skills and experience have you bought to the GCT team?

I would like to think that “Simplicity” and “Common-sense” are two key attributes that I always try to maintain – over the years I have seen many instances where organisations have grossly over-complicated things and in doing so completely lost sight of what is important ………..In Distribution it is crucial that we see our Distributors as “Partners” and an extension of our organisation, and like any successful partnership it has to be two-way, and recognise that we win (and sometimes even lose), but always together.

Q4. Which GCT products do see as being well suited for Distribution?

Whilst there may be other larger connector competitors in the marketplace, the GCT portfolio on USB, SIM and MEM connectors is broad and competitive and capable of going head-to-head with anybody……..ensuring therefore that our Distribution partners think of GCT first on these key technologies has been a priority focus this past year.

We have however also made great progress in developing our FFC connector offering and are actively starting to revisit some of our legacy BTB ranges, especially now that we have the channel partners in place who will stock and promote these to a wider customer base.

Additionally, much work has been done this year to enhance how we promote our new products and the feedback received from several of our key Distributors is that they consider GCT to be best-in-class in the format and process we use to launch NPI’s.

Q5. Are there any market or product trends you are seeing currently?

The current market is all about product availability and in this respect I have been so impressed by the work of our Operations team, who seem to be able to respond to ongoing challenges and maintain supplies to our Distribution partners, often well within our published lead-times……..this ability to quickly supply is a key differentiator and enables GCT to react so much faster than many of our bigger competitors……keeping our High Service Distribution partners stocked is especially crucial to GCT gaining significant new customers, who utilise such partners for their design and prototype needs.

Q6. Is there anything else you would like to add?

My first year in the role has flown by and the progress made and business results achieved across our Distribution business has far exceeded my expectations, but of course none of this would be possible without the organisation constantly working as a Team, whether that be in Engineering, Finance, Operations, Quality, Sales / Marketing, IT etc………….Year 2 will be surely be tougher, but a combination of solid foundations and ongoing momentum, should see our progress maintained.

Richard Clark enjoying one of his hobbies

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