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GCT Team:

Welcome to Brendan Desmond, our new Vice President - East Coast Sales

Q1. How are you settling into your new role?

It’s a fun new challenge. Getting acquainted with the system, the account base, trying to follow up on the great leads that are generated, and of course, trying to get in front of customers, while we are subjected to the COVID restrictions.

Q2. Can you give us a some background on your career to date?

Connectors are my life! I started with Amp in production control, so it was a good experience learning about raw materials, components, and scheduling parts for final assembly and inventory. I moved to inside sales after a few years, and eventually moved to Seattle, WA for my first outside sales position for 5 years. I eventually was recruited to move to Portland, OR to be the second person for Amp on Intel. It was exciting, as Intel drove some new connectors in the industry. The USB was developed while I was working with Intel, but not sure anyone knew it’d still be such a strong solution over 20 years later. After 3+ years, I was asked to take over the 600 ROW accounts. The goal was to move a seasoned salesperson to quickly determine what potential a customer has, and which connectors could be supported. About the time of the dotcom bust in 2002, I followed my wife to Atlanta and left Amp, then known as Tyco, and joined Pioneer Standard Electronics/Power and Signal Group, as their east coast sales manager. I was responsible for selling Delphi and Molex waterproof connectors to the truck and bus, farm and ag, off road, marine industries, etc. After 5 years Future Electronics called, and I was part of a new group of interconnect specialist handpicked to support the Future sales teams. During my time at Future, at one time or another I had responsibility to support the sales teams in Southern California, the Northwest US, South Central US, Mid Atlantic US, Southeast US, Mexico, and Brazil.

Q3. What Skills and Experience have you bought to the GCT America’s team?

I believe the experience with various CRM’s, and using the tool to follow up on opportunities, has allowed me to be more organized, and better penetrate accounts to be successful. It’s exciting to start a new position, where there is a great opportunity to focus on prospecting, follow up and growth. In my previous positions, I’ve taken over territories where either there wasn’t a salesperson previously, the account grew so another person was required to continue the growth, the territory was empty for some time, or the position was new. So, almost always starting from square one, nowhere to go but up!

Q3. What skills and experience have you bought to the GCT team?

Being in the e-mech industry for more than 40 years I have added to the GCT knowledge pool with my experiences from different interconnect areas. These include manufacturing of copper strands and wires, cable harnessing and finally connector manufacturing itself.

Q4. Are there any market or product trends you are seeing currently?

Obviously, a completely different way of working with customers. As we all know, Covid has changed the way we operate. Without being able to visit customers, and see mannerisms and expressions, it’s a challenge. That said, without travelling, we can reach out and touch a lot more customers, although we all miss that face-to-face contact. As far as products, of course the USB Type C and the proliferation to all products, not just handheld solutions. Not many industries where a customer can’t use a Type C solution, whether it be 6, 16, or 24 pins.

Q5. Is there anything else you would like to add?

I’m enjoying the challenge and controlling the day-to-day process of sales. Trying to follow up opportunities that have been in the system previously, while also prospecting for new opportunities. I’ve enjoyed working more closely with a team whom I knew previously as a supplier. I appreciate the daily help and support of the US team.

Brendan Desmond new Americas Sales Vice President East Coast

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