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GCT's range of USB connectors spans type C, USB3.0 & USB2.0 standards with both plugs and receptacle offered, depending on range.

There are a wide variety of options including choices of printed circuit board termination - through hole and surface mount.

The next choice is PCB mount orientation, with vertical, horizontal and flag mount options. Horizontal parts may be mounted on the top or bottom of the PCB depending on range.

GCT also offer a variety of innovative USB connectors in mid mount configuration. PCB's are cut to allow the USB receptacle to drop into the space, perfect for low profile applications. GCT offer both mid top and mid bottom mounting options.

Technical drawings, product specifications and 3d models are available for instant download.

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  • USB Connector Style
    Defines connector body style, from largest, Full Size, down thru Mini and Micro.
    • USB2.0 is available in Micro, Mini and Full Size.
    • USB3.0 is available in Micro and Full Size only.
  • USB Version
    GCT offer connectors for the following USB versions:
    • USB2.0 is suitable to 480 Mbps, with 4 contacts in Full Size, 5 or 10 contacts in Mini and 5 contacts in Micro.
    • USB3.0 (also known as USB3.1 Gen 1 or USB Superspeed) is suitable to 5 Gbps, with 9 contacts in Full Size and 10 contacts in Micro.
    • USB3.1 (also known as USB3.1 Gen 2 or USB Superspeed+) is suitable to 10 Gbps, with 9 contacts in Full Size, 10 contacts in Micro and 24 contacts in type C.
  • Gender
    Male Plugs mate with Female receptacles. When mated the body of the plug is enveloped by the female USB socket.

    For Full Size types, mated connectors are held in place by sprung tangs on the female shell which latch into two cavities on the male shell.

    Micro types have the opposite arrangement with tangs on the male shell and cavity on female shells, this is a key reason why USB Micro receptacles are suitable for ten thousand mating cycles.
    • Plug1
    • Receptacle
    • Dual Receptacle
  • Interface
    Full size types are available in both A & B, A is the ‘in-line’ rectangular type, B the square.

    Micro receptacles are available in B & A/B. B types accept USB B cable plugs and A/B types accept USB A or B cable plugs. A/B is normally used in On The Go (OTG) applications. Click here for more information.
  • PCB Orientation
    Position of the connector mating face relative to the PCB. Vertical (straight) is 90° to the PCB, horizontal (right angle) is 180° to the PCB. Upright/flag types have the connector mounted on its side.
  • Mount Type
    Termination method of soldering connector onto PCB. Through hole (TH), surface mount (SMT) or Hybrid.

    The horizontal hybrid types allow better control over co-planarity of SMT contacts and alignment of thru hole pins. From an inspection point of view the hybrid allows customers to inspect the connectors post processing, as viewing the inner rows of contacts on pure SMT parts is difficult. The hybrid type may be processed using paste in hole, which allows a single process.
  • PCB Mount Position
    Horizontal connectors only

    Bottom and top mount defines which side of the PCB the connector is placed. Note – Standard PCB mounting - Micro types mounted on the underside (bottom), mini and full size types on top. GCT also offer non-standard ‘reverse’ mount types. The USB symbol on mating cables is designed to always face upwards, regardless of PCB mount position. Click here for more information.

    Mid mount types can be either bottom or top PCB mount and are placed within a cut-out on the PCB, these would normally be used in low profile applications where height above PCB is critical.
  • Mating Face Lead In
    Defines whether the connectors mating face includes a lead-in which helps guide mating connectors into place. For applications where customers prefer the connector not to have a lead-in, we offer ‘without mating face’ for flush fitting.

    ‘With and without mating face lead in’ defines a drawing with an optional lead in.
  • Locating Peg
    Plastic locating pegs to hold the connector in place during solder process and may provide extra strength post soldering. Also known as plastic post.
  • Shell Stake
    This defines whether the USB connector has metal shell stakes, and if so what type. Shell stakes are used to hold the connector in place during reflow solder process and provide extra strength post soldering. They also provide grounding.
  • Number of Contacts
    USB2.0 Full Size are 4 contact. USB2.0 Mini* & Micro 5 contact. USB3.0 Full size 9 contacts. USB3.0 micro 10 contacts.

    2x4 and 2x9 options define dual receptacles (stacked connector).

    *GCT offer a special Mini with 10 contacts.
    • 16
    • 2 x 4
    • 2 x 9
    • 241
    • 4
    • 5
    • 6
    • 9
  • Mating Cycles
    The number of repeated connection/disconnections the connector can withstand whilst still meeting the specifications for contact resistance and mating forces.
  • Power Rating
    The maximum power in watts that the connector will carry continuously under defined conditions without exceeding specified performance limits.
  • Voltage Rating
    The maximum voltage in volts the connector will withstand continuously under defined conditions without exceeding specified performance limits.
  • Current Rating
    The maximum current in amperes at the rated voltage that the connector will carry continuously under defined conditions without exceeding specified performance limits.
    • 1.5A
    • 1.8A
    • 1A
    • 2.8A
    • 3A
    • 5A1

USB receptacles and plugs - 1 connectors

Distributor Stock Available
USB4155 -  Type C USB 3.2 Gen 2 Connector

Series: USB4155

PCB edgemount plug, Rated to 240W
Product Status: Active
Connector styleType C
USB version3.2 Gen 2
Number of contacts24
PCB mount typeSurface mount
Entry typeSide
Mount positionEdge mount
Voltage Rating48V DC
Current Rating5A
Power Rating240W
Mating face styleWithout mating face lead in
Shell stakeThrough hole
Shell stake lengths0.90mm
Locating PegWithout locating peg
Mating Cycles10000
Body Length15.50mm

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