3.96mm Pin Headers and Sockets

High current 3.96mm pitch spacing pin headers and sockets are available in single row, straight, surface mount configuration.

High temperature 3.96mm (.156") pitch connectors withstands high temperature solder processes up to 280°C (IR Reflow) with LCP or Nylon 6T insulators..

Operating temperature is -40°C to + 105°C with a current rating of 7.9 amps

  • SMT mount type
  • Headers offer customer specifiable pin lengths
  • Thicker pins than standard at 1.14mm²
  • Larger pitch pin spacing allows for improved heat dissipation

Pin headers and sockets are available in tube packaging, with elevated headers also available in tube and plastic box packaging. For automatic pick and place processing, we offer caps for headers and sockets, these options are available in tube packaging.

Download product drawings, specifications and 3d models here.

All 3.96mm pin headers and sockets are fully RoHS and Reach compliant.


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  • Pitch
    Distance between connector pin centrelines. For dual row products pitch defines distance between both pins and rows. Note 0.8 x 1.2mm (0.31” x .047”) is the exception to this rule.
  • Gender
    Male headers with exposed pins and female sockets with insulated non-exposed contacts.
  • Mount Type
    Termination method of soldering connector onto PCB.
  • PCB Orientation
    Defines the orientation which a connector sits on the PCB. Vertical (straight) is 90° to the PCB, right angle (horizontal) is 180° to the PCB. Use the appropriate mating connector pairs for parallel, co-planar and right angle PCB mating configuration.
  • Number Of Rows
    Defines PCB connector number of rows. GCT offer single in line (SIL), dual in line (DIL), triple in line (three rows) and quad in line (four rows) options.
  • Elevated?
    Products which achieve a greater space between PCB’s, normally used in parallel PCB stacking applications to achieve a desired height. Elevated headers normally have two insulators, while elevated sockets use an insulator block and modular insulator extenders.
  • Socket Entry Type
    Searches female connectors only and displays whether header pins may enter from above (top entry), from below with appropriate holes in PCB (bottom entry) or from both above and below (dual entry). See drawings for details of PCB layouts required for bottom entry connector mating.
  • Locating Peg
    Plastic locating pegs to hold the connector in place during solder process and may provide extra strength post soldering. Also known as plastic post.
  • Profile
    The profile of connectors above the PCB. Vertical connectors denote the stacking profile in parallel PCB applications, right angle connectors denotes height above the PCB.
  • Insulator Colour
    Standard board to board connector range is black, white insulators used for White Lite range for Solid State Lighting (SSL) applications.
  • Header Square Pin Size
    Displays the size of the header square pin/post, as connector pitch reduces sq. post size reduces too, one reason for lower current carrying capability of smaller pitch PCB connectors. Note: Two options in 1.27mm (.050”) pitch. Female sockets clearly state which header square pin size they mate with.
    • 0.30mm
    • 0.30mm x 0.42mm
    • 0.40mm
    • 0.46mm
    • 0.50mm
    • 0.64mm
    • 1.14mm2
    • N/A

Board to Board Connectors - 2 connectors

Distributor Stock Available
BH010 - 3.96mm pitch Header Board to Board Connector

Series: BH010

Product Status: Active
Number of Contacts02-18
PCB Mount typeSurface mount
Number of RowsSingle
Square Pin Size1.14mm
Insulator ColourBlack
Locating PegWithout locating peg
Distributor Stock Available
BH015 - 3.96mm pitch Socket Board to Board Connector

Series: BH015

Product Status: Active
Number of Contacts02-18
PCB Mount typeSurface mount
Number of RowsSingle
Square Pin Size1.14mm
Insulator ColourBlack
Entry TypeDual entry
Locating PegWithout locating peg

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