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Push push SIM connector

GCT's push push SIM Connector range is suitble for Mini (2ff) and Micro (3ff) SIM cards.

Both connector varieties include a card detection function which electronically detects the presence of the SIM card, the switches are normally closed.

Push push SIM connector design is normally chosen in applications where the card is to be accessed via a panel cutout to the outside world, allowing end users to insert & extract SIM cards from outside the equipment. Examples of applications include smart energy metering hubs and USB data sticks.

Download 2d drawings, product specifications and 3d models here.

All push push SIM connectors are fully RoHS and Reach compliant.


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  • SIM Card Size
    Defines the SIM card type accepted by the connector. SIM Connectors are available in the following form factors (FF):
    • SIM (aka Mini SIM) (2FF)
    • Micro SIM (3FF)
    • Nano SIM (4FF)
    Depending on form factor SIM cards vary in size and thickness, although the contact position layout remains uniform across the card types.
  • Card Insertion Type
    SIM connectors are available in the following card insertion types:
    • Push-Push -the SIM card is pushed into place and pushed again to release, ejecting by spring action. Push-Push is often used in consumer applications where users insert and eject SIM cards into a device.
    • Push-Pull -the SIM card is pushed into place and held in place by force of contacts and pulled to remove. Push-Pull is the lowest cost type of SIM connector.
    • Hinged - the connector opens to allow insertion of SIM card, hinged types are useful where a positive lock is required, especially in high vibration environments.
      SIM5060 & 5055 hold the card in place in the hinged cover, for ease of use. To achieve an ultra-low profile, the SIM5051 does not hold the card in place.
    • Dual - Allows two SIM cards to be plugged into one connector. This is a Push-Pull connector type.
  • Number of Contacts
    Defines number of contacts connecting with SIM card pads.
    6 contact versions are most popular as used in the majority of GSM or CDMA applications.

    SIM contacts no. 4 and 8 are not generally used and defined by the ETSI spec as ‘reserved for future use’. Although 8 contact versions are used in MegaSIM applications.

    SIM Card detection switch contacts are covered in a separate search.
  • Card Detection Switch
    Connectors with a SIM card detection switch enable the designer to electronically signal when SIM cards are inserted or removed. Switches are normally open, the circuit is closed when the card is inserted.

    Note – Card detection switches are some sometimes referred to as extra contacts. For example: 6+2 (6 x SIM contacts + 2 x switch contacts).
    GCT do not classify card detection contacts as +2, but as ‘with’ or without’ card detection switch.
  • Profile
    The height profile of SIM connectors above the PCB. For hinged connectors, profile denotes the connector in closed position.
  • Locating Peg
    Plastic locating pegs used to hold the connector in place during solder process and may provide extra strength post soldering. Also known as plastic post.
  • Polarised?
    Polarisation allows the SIM card to only be inserted in the correct orientation.

SIM Card Connectors - 2 connectors

Express Samples Available
Distributor Stock Available
SIM7100 - Push-Push SIM Card Connector

Series: SIM7100

Product Status: Active
3FF Micro SIM connector
Connector stylePush-Push
Number of contacts6, 8
Card detection switchWith switch - Normally Closed
Locating peg optionOptional locating peg
Express Samples Available
Distributor Stock Available
SIM4065 - Push-Push SIM Card Connector

Series: SIM4065

Product Status: Active
2FF SIM connector
Connector stylePush-Push
Number of contacts8
Card detection switchWith switch - Normally Closed
Locating peg optionWithout locating peg
Switch type normally closed

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