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SIM Card Connectors

GCT's range of SIM card connector products for Nano (4ff), Micro (3ff) and Mini (2ff) SIM cards conform to GSM11.11 standards.

SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) is a small smart card designed to store subscribers identity, security, authentication and personal information for use in a mobile network terminals, such as a mobile phone, a portable GSM modem or other access control terminals. For example EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) or a Satellite Receiver terminal.

The GCT sim card connector range is fully RoHS and Reach compliant.

If you would like more information or would like to request samples, please contact GCT or view all our SIM card connectors

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What is a
Nano SIM Connector?
What is a
Micro SIM Connector?
What is a
Dual SIM Connector?
What is a
Push Push SIM Connector?
What is a
Hinged SIM Connector?
What is a
Push Pull SIM Connector?

Nano SIM Connector

Nano SIM connector in push-pull format with six contacts. Profile height of 1.35mm with 5,000 card insertion cycles and a card stop function.

GCT's Nano SIM socket accepts the Nano SIM card format. Nano-SIM or 4FF (4th form factor) cards measure 12.3mm × 8.8mm × 0.67mm while maintaining the existing SIM card contact arrangements. Compared to Micro SIM cards a smaller area of isolating material remains around the contacts, this prevents short circuits with the socket. The 0.67mm thickness of the Nano-SIM card is approximately 15% percent less than Mini/Micro SIM card thickness of 0.76mm.

Micro SIM connector

Micro SIM card connectors are available in push-pull and push-push card eject styles. The sockets allow the use of the 15 x 12mm Micro SIM card, the reduced size card offers the same contact footprint as the full size ‘Mini' SIM card while offering approximately 50% card space saving. GCT Micro SIM connectors are available in 6 & 8 contacts. The card insertion cycles are 1,500 in push-push and 5,000 in push-pull.

Dual SIM Connector

Dual SIM slots allow plugging of two SIM cards into one connector, saving you PCB space and cutting the cost of PCB placement. This enables applications using two GSM accounts in one device. For example, in the vehicle tracking market the connector allows the option of switching between mobile networks when crossing country borders or when a alternative network offers a price or signal quality advantage. In personal handheld applications the connector permits use of 'work' and 'personal' accounts.

Push Push SIM connector

Push Push SIM card connectors for Micro and Mini SIM cards. This card insertion and ejection style includes a mechanism to push out the SIM card, this is perfect for applications where the end user is required to insert and extract the card equipment via a panel cutout.
All options come with a built in SIM card detection switch, shielded metallic case minimizes EMI/EMC interference, gold plated contacts allow for 1,500 or 5,000 card insertion cycles depending on connector design.

Hinged SIM connector

Hinged SIM card connectors are available in three different designs which offer:
  • 6 and 8 contacts.
  • SIM card detection switch options.
  • SIM connector profile heights of 1.80mm, 2.50mm and 2.60mm.
  • Robust hinge slide lock mechanism holds the SIM card securely.
  • Guided housing for card alignment, preventing card mis-insertion.
  • SIM5055 and SIM5060 offer a card guide option to hold the SIM card in the cover to ease assembly.
  • Full-flat flipping cover suitable for any design scenarios.
  • SIM5051 and SIM5055 offer a shielded metallic cover option.
  • Absorption area for automatic pick and place SMT mounting.

Push Pull SIM connector

Push Pull SIM card connectors are available in 2 different designs which offer:
  • SIM card detection switch options.
  • Card guide and stops in housing (inside the slot) prevents card misinsertion.
  • Reliable low-friction contacts with 50m Ohm contact resistance only.
  • Gold plated contacts guarantees minimum 5,000 mating / un-mating cycles.
  • Absorption area for automatic pick and place SMT mounting.

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