What is a Nano SIM Connector?

Mini USB Interface Types

Nano (4FF) is the smallest option for SIM connector designs. This is particularly useful for compact devices or when trying to minimise space used on a PCB.

GCT's Nano SIM connectors are available in push-pull, push-push and hinged format, with great features such as card detection and full metal variants for enhanced EMI and heat resistance. GCT Nano SIM card have profile heights consisting of 1.35mm or 1.43mm and all feature card stop functionality.

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Features of Nano SIM Connectors

6 Contacts

Smallest Footprint

1,500-5,000 Mating Cycles

Hinged, Push-Push, Push-Pull Configuration

Additional Nano SIM Connector Information

  • Nano-SIM cards measure 12.3mm × 8.8mm × 0.67mm while maintaining the existing SIM card contact arrangements, making Nano SIM connectors the most compact option for designs
  • Nano SIM cards have the lowest profile of all SIM connector sizes, as the 0.67mm thickness of the Nano-SIM card is approximately 15% percent less than Mini/Micro SIM card thickness (0.76mm), enabling compact designs.
  • Compared to Micro SIM cards a smaller area of isolating material remains around the contacts, this prevents short circuits with the socket.

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