What is a Mini SIM Connector?

Mini SIM

SIM connectors (2FF) are standard sized connectors for wireless cellular connections with use of a SIM card. It is the largest SIM connector size from the most common SIM types; Micro (3FF) and Nano (4FF), but remains a popular choice for many applications.

GCT’s Standard SIM card connectors feature six or 8 contacts and are available in push-pull, push-push card and hinged insertion types. A dual SIM connector is also available in the range, with a total of 16 contacts to accommodate two SIM cards. Card detection switch functionality, low profile and location peg options are also available to ensure the right connector for your designs.

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Features of Mini SIM Connectors

6 or 8 Contacts

Small Footprint

1,500-5,000 Mating Cycles

Hinged, Push-Push, Push-Pull Configuration

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