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What are the different card insertion mechanisms

There are three key card insertion types for SIM connectors, all unique in the way a SIM card mates and unmates with the connector itself. GCT provides engineers with a comprehensive range of SIM connector insertion types to meet the majority of applications. See below for more information on card insertion types for Mini, Micro and Nano SIM connectors.

Push Push SIM connector

Push Push SIM card connectors for Micro and Mini SIM cards. This card insertion and ejection style includes a mechanism to push out the SIM card, this is perfect for applications where the end user is required to insert and extract the card equipment via a panel cutout.

All options come with a built in SIM card detection switch, shielded metallic case minimizes EMI/EMC interference, gold plated contacts allow for 1,500 or 5,000 card insertion cycles depending on connector design.

Standard USB PCB Orientations and Mounting Types

Push Pull SIM connector

GCT Push Pull SIM card connectors are available in 3 different connector sizes which offer: SIM card detection switch options, card guide and stops in housing (inside the slot) to prevents card misinsertion, reliable low-friction contacts with 50m Ohm contact resistance only, gold plated contacts guarantees minimum 5,000 mating / un-mating cycles, absorption area for automatic pick and place SMT mounting.

Micro USB PCB Orientations and Mounting Types

Hinged SIM connector

Hinged SIM card connectors are available in three different designs which offer:

Robust hinge slide lock mechanism holds the SIM card securely, guided housing for card alignment, preventing card mis-insertion, full-flat flipping cover suitable for any design scenarios, absorption area for automatic pick and place SMT mounting.

Type-C USB PCB Orientations and Mounting Types

Contacts & Connections

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