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What is a Micro SIM Connector?

Micro SIM

Micro SIM (3FF) connectors provide a compact solution for your cellular connection requirements, positioned between Nano and Standard SIM connectors in size. Available with six or eight contact positions, Micro SIM cards are typically rated 1500 – 5000 mating cycles.

GCT's Micro SIM card connectors are available in all major card insertion types; push-pull, push-push card and hinged eject styles. The connector allows the use of the 15 x 12mm Micro SIM card, the reduced size card offers the same contact footprint as the standard SIM card (also referred to as ‘Mini’) while offering approximately 50% card space saving.

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Features of Micro SIM Connectors

6 or 8 Contacts

Small Footprint

1,500-5,000 Mating Cycles

Hinged, Push-Push, Push-Pull Configuration

Contacts & Connections

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