How durable are SIM card connectors?

SIM connectors are rated between 1500 and 5000 mating cycles and this is typically dicated by the contact material/plating used on the connector.

The three main card insertion types; push-push, push-pull and hinged, offer comparable levels of durabitlity. Hinged connectors are one of the most secure SIM options available thanks to an active lock to fix the SIM connector in postion. This can also provide the connector with enhanced shock and vibration protection, such as the GCT SIM8060. The connector is tested to EIA-364-27 and EIA-364-28 standards giving it superior mechanical shock and vibration properties adding to its high performance credentials.

GCT provides engineers with a range of durable SIM connectors options to meet the majority of applications.

Standard USB PCB Orientations and Mounting Types
Hinged SIM Connectors - One of the most durable and secure SIM connector types available.  View Hinged SIM Connectors

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