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GCT offer a wide variety of SIM card connectors, many customers contacted us for low cost alternatives to competitors SIM card connectors, the C&K SIM connector range CCM03 is a common request.

GCT offer both hinged and push-pull SIM types. Push pull SIM2070 is a very close alternative to C&K CCM03-3754, while hinged SIM5055 with robust locking mechanism is a very close alternative to a variety of CCM03-3 types. SIM5060 is a hinged SIM connector with 8 contacts and is an alternative to CCM03-3003LFT R102.

Both SIM2070 and SIM5055 include a SIM card detection switch.

Separate the sections of a part number with spaces or dashes. i.e. CCM03-3003LFT R102

Competitor series or part number required

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