Flat Flex Cables

GCT offer 0.5mm and 1.0mm pitch flat flexible cables which perfectly compliments GCT's FFC connector range. Cables are available in 4-80 conductors in 0.5mm pitch and 4-50 conductors in 1.0mm pitch. The 1.0mm pitch cables are available in a variety of thickness options.


GCT Flat Flex cable is available in A type - Contacts same side or D Type - Contacts opposite sides. This allows for flat flex cable solutions to best fit your requirements, due to the intricate nature of folds and the orientation of the cable with designs.

Standard cable is suitable for 80°C and 60 volts. Lengths start from 30mm up to 1 meter plus and are specifiable on the FFC cable drawing. You can also build your FFC cable with our standard parameters using the Build Your FFC Cable button below and remember to add any of our custom features that are required when adding the cable to the basket.

GCTs The minimum order quantity is 5,000 pieces, free of charge samples are available for approval.

FFC Flat Flexible Cable
Flat Flexible Cable 1.0mm Pitch - One of the most popular pitch size for Flat Flexible cable and is suitable for the majority of applications.
A Type - Contacts same side
D Type - Contacts on opposite sides
Flat Flexible Cable 0.5mm Pitch - Ideal for even more compact and weight conscious designs

Folding & Bending Types

Flat Flexible Cable can be folded into different shapes to save further space and enable them to fit perfectly into the equipment.  Some are folded in such a way to navigate around intricate designs, where others can be shaped specifically with the view to be dropped straight inside a product.  Here are the most common folding and bending types uses in the majority of devices today.

FFC Flax Flexible Cable Folding 90 degrees
90° Fold
FFC Flax Flexible Cable Crank Fold
Crank Fold
FFC Flax Flexible Cable Z Fold
Z Fold
FFC Flax Flexible Cable 180 degree Fold
180° Fold

Shielding & Grounding

Shielding (grounding) is used to improve EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference) protection, which provides protection from external electrical noise.

Sometimes on a FFC cable alternative conductors are grounded & connected to the shield, so giving each of the other conductors (carrying electrical signals) protection from interfering with each other or from external electrical noise.

FFC Cable Sheilding and Grounding

Additional Supporting Strips

GCT standard FFC cables feature a supporting strip, but customers sometimes require an extra supporting strip to aid insertion of the FFC cable into the connector. This can be added as an optional extra.

GCT's standard Supporting tape is standard at 6mm on 0.5mm pitch and 8mm on 1.00mm pitch, GCT can offer special versions with longer or shorter supporting strips.

FFC Cable Supporting Strip

For enhanced security and stability when mated, FFC cable assemblies with optional ears are available to provide additional latch points when mated, further strengthening the connection.  The GCT FFC2C05 is designed for FFC cable with ears.

FFC Cable Stripped Ends

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