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A very warm welcome to NT Sales Co., Ltd.

GCT expands its North American distribution coverage with Sager Electronics

GCT are pleased to announce a new distribution agreement with NT Sales Co., Ltd (NT Sales).  The agreement provides for a wide range of GCT products, including the latest USB, SIM, memory and board-to-board connectors. NT Sales provides the world's highest standard electronic devices by leveraging its global procurement network, focusing on Tokin products. As a trading company specialising in electronics, NT Sales’ outstanding product and proposal capabilities are the reasons why they remain a chosen distributor.

“GCT has a proven track record for service and quality in the connectivity space. Working with NT Sales provides additional opportunities to significantly increase our end customer reach across key markets within Japan”.

“We are delighted to formally launch our relationship with NT Sales and place great value on the insights, relationships and experience they can offer in respect to the Japanese market”.
Richard Clark, GCT Global Distribution Manager.

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