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Product Release:

Connect, Disconnect, Repeat. GCT’s New USB Type A with 20,000+ Mating Cycles

The USB1086 Ultra-High mating cycle USB 3.0 Type A connector is extremely durable with an industry leading 20,000+ mating cycles, perfect for ‘high traffic’ applications,

When designing equipment with USB Type A connections, we often take for granted how many times they are mated and unmated in its lifetime.  For some, this is not a concern as most are tested to 1500  mating cycles, more than enough for its intended application. For others this could mean the difference of a product failing far earlier than expected.

GCT has seen an increasing demand for USB Type A connectors with ultra-high mating cycles, primarily for equipment and hardware in public environments and transportation applications for charging purposes.  Increased usage is likely due to exposure to high levels of footfall.

A key measurement for establishing USB Type A mating cycles is based on retention force.  Industry standard tests state the connector must have a final retention force of =>8N after cycling.  The USB1086 maintains this force rating over 20,000 cycles due to its stainless steel shell construction.  USB Type A connectors typically have a nickel plated brass shell resulting in tabs losing retention.  This is not a problem for the USB1086 as it uses a high strength SUS201 material shell for enhanced tab elasticity.

“This is another market first for GCT as we continue to push the performance capabilities of our connector range”, says Vaibhav Joshi, GCT India Sales Manager.  “The USB1086 is a prime example, which has over 13 times more mating cycles than industry standard USB Type A products.”

The USB1086 exceeds the standard mating cycles of newer USB types too, including USB Type C which is usually tested to 10,000 cycles.  USB Type A remains a popular choice over other variants for higher mating cycle applications as it is also a cost competitive option.

More information and product resources for the ultra-high mating cycle USB1086 can be found on the buttons below. 

"The USB1086 has over 13 times more mating cycles than industry standard USB Type A products"

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