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Product Release:

GCT's new BH & BK range of High Current Board to Board Connectors

Introducing GCT's new range of high current board to board connectors, the BH (3.96mm pitch) and BK (5.08mm pitch) series. The latest additions to an extensive board to board range at GCT are also the largest pitch sizes available for standard products and will provide customers with superior connectors for high power board to board applications.

Both series are available in SMT configuration, the BH series has 2-18 contact variants, whilst the BK series offers 2-15 contact versions and an additional elevated pin header connector option. The high current connectors are capable of 7.9A per pin thanks to thicker pins at 1.14mm² and larger pitch pin spacing to allow for effective heat dissipation.

The new connectors are ideal for applications where there is a requirement to take power from the supply and move between boards, such as power management equipment. This can be done with wire to board and board to board products, although existing board to board solutions are typically thru hole mount type. The BH and BK offers customers the option to move to a SMT solution and take advantage of PCB production efficiencies.

"We're moving into the high current board to board area with two exciting and versatile product ranges," comments David Luu, Marketing Manager at GCT. "The BH and BK series will meet the increasing demand for high powered solutions.  I’m also pleased to announce that selected parts within the range are eligible for our express sample service making it even easier to obtain them for your prototyping requirements.”

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