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Product Release:

Micro SIM Connector

Micro SIM Connector

Leading connector manufacturer Global Connector Technology has developed a new economical push-pull Micro SIM Connector to complement our established Mini SIM connector offering.

Micro SIM cards have the same contact arrangement as traditional Mini SIM cards, however the reduced card size of 12mm x 15mm shows an 50% space savings in card footprint.

With 6 or 8 contacts, 2.45mm profile and suitable for 5,000 card insertion cycles, the GCT Micro SIM connector is push-pull style, the card being held in place by contact force, there is a card stop for user ease.

SIM7050 is available in stock at your local sales office for same day sampling.

SIM7050 is stocked by our distribution partners Future Electronics and Premier Farnell Group (EU Farnell, North America Newark, APAC Element 14).

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