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  • GCT launches the SIM7200, its most secure SIM connector to date - robust hinged micro SIM

Product Release:

GCT launches the SIM7200, its most secure SIM connector to date - robust hinged micro SIM

SIM7200 New Hinged Micro SIM

GCT further expands its world class SIM connector range with the all new SIM7200.  It’s the first hinged micro SIM to feature in the GCT line-up and is expected to prove popular due to its versatility and competitive price point.

The active lock found on the SIM7200 gives it superior shock and vibration resistance versus other SIM connector styles and has been through rigorous testing to EIA industry standards.  This makes it very useful for industrial applications where a consistent, robust connection is paramount.

It also gives customers greater flexibility in terms of positioning and placement.  Other SIM connector types are typically restricted to being designed on the edges of equipment but hinged variants can be positioned almost anywhere.

David Luu, GCT Marketing Manager commented, “There is a clear opportunity in the growing micro SIM (3FF) market for GCT to further establish itself as an industry leader in this sector.  The new SIM7200 not only gives our customers a secure and reliable connection, but one at a very competitive price.”

The SIM7200 is now available with 6 contacts and a 1.75mm profile above the PCB.  Learn more about the all new hinged micro SIM connector or to discuss specific design requirements, please contact us.


Here is a video where you can see the SIM7200 subject to various durability tests:

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