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GCT expands Wire Trap Lighting Connectors on 2.4mm & 4.00mm Pitches

Wire Trap Connectors

Global Connector Technology's new wire trap lighting connectors are designed for use in LED lighting strip applications, 2.40mm and 4.00mm pitches offer engineers an option depending on space constraints and current rating requirements.

The surface mount connectors feature natural LCP insulators and are available in one, two or three contact versions. The 2.4mm pitch BL300 accepts 20-24 AWG stranded wire rated at 4A for 22 AWG. A two position connector has a footprint of just 5.20mm x 7.90mm with a height above the PCB of 3.60mm.

BJ302 4.00mm pitch products accept 20-22 AWG stranded conductors, or 18-24 AWG solid conductors. Current rating for 18 AWG is 8 Amps. Footprint for a two position connector is 7.45mm x 11.80mm with a height above the PCB of 4.50mm.

Ease of use is paramount for wire trap connectors, stripped cable may be inserted and terminated direct to the contacts in one simple action. To remove the cables, a slider button is pushed. GCT's detailed product specifications contain all the technical details, including suitable cable types for 'one push', cable stripping and preparation recommendations.

To speed up your design, download drawings, product specifications and 3D models for all wire trap connectors.

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