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Connectors for the Smart Metering Industry

Smart Meter Connectors

Global Connector Technology offer a full package of connectors to the smart metering market, including SIM card, board to board and Flat Flexible cable and connectors.

For motherboard to daughterboard connection GCT offer huge range of standard board to board products. This range is complimented by custom product expertise, from simple modifications all the way up to complete bespoke PCB connector design.

Customers trust that GCT have the experience, skills and technical expertise to assist with design of custom board to board interconnects, for example we recently designed a bespoke connector to meet SMETS (Smart Metering Equipment Technical Specifications). GCT offer a high quality product at an extremely competitive unit price, critically the overall cost is not onerous as tooling costs and volume thresholds are low compared to many competitors. Here are some example case studies.

GCT also offer an extensive range of FFC and SIM connectors:

  • To allow connection between your wireless module and the GSM or CDMA phone networks, GCT offer SIM card connectors to suit the three market standard card sizes: Nano (4ff), Micro (3ff) and Mini (2ff) are available. Depending on your application requirement, choose between hinged, push-pull or push-push connector types. Options are available for SIM card detection switches, this normally (for normally open switch types) allows the completion of a circuit when the SIM card is in the connector.
  • For connecting your display to a PCB, Flat Flexible Cable connectors are a perfect option. The range includes 0.5mm and 1.00mm pitch connectors and flat flexible cable, which is customer definable and available with many special options including bending/folding, shielding and grounding.

To speed up design downloadable drawings, 3D models and specifications for all standard products are available from the GCT website.

Contact your local GCT office today to discuss your requirements. We have expert staff to assist you in all locations, we support you wherever you design – wherever you manufacture.

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