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EU directive 2022/2380 - Are you (USB Type-C) compliant?

USB4200 USB Type-C Flag style

EU 2022/2380 directive - Are you (USB Type-C) compliant?

If not, we can help.

By 28th December this year, Directive 2022/2380 will require any electronic hand held devices marketed in the EU to contain a USB-C charging port. you can read the full directive below.
GCT has the largest range of PCB mount USB Type-C connectors available in the market.

Why choose GCT for your USB Type-C needs?

GCT's range of USB Type-C connectors are designed for next generation high speed data delivery and charging applications - Supporting 10gbps of data transfer, with Power Delivery (USB PD) capability to 240 watts and an ergonomic, reversible design which allows cables to be plugged in either orientation, this little connector is the future.

Our range extends to waterproof products that are IP rated - mated and unmated, keeping ingress failures a thing of the past.

GCT's range of receptacles includes both vertical and horizontal versions. The horizontal versions come in mid mount or top mount options. Mid mount is chosen for very thin platform designs, such as tablets. Both horizontal types include a short or long body version, which allows a choice depending on application.

Horizontal receptacles are available in hybrid of through hole and SMT, allowing superior co-planarity and facility for inspection after processing.

GCT use superior copper alloy contact material in all USB Type-C connectors, tested to withstand temperature rise in Power Delivery applications. Watch out for low grade products on the market.

Horizontal USB Type-C connectors have two layers of shell, inner and outer. GCT's drawn metal inner shell design provides superior electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding compared to stamped sheet metal housings. The drawn inner shell is seamless and protects where cut outs for shell stakes are made in the outer shell. The enhanced mechanical strength of the shell structure also makes GCT's USB Type-C connectors suitable for automotive, industrial, and medical & instrumentation markets.

Please visit our product page to compare features and download drawings.

Explore the versatility of GCT’s USB range in our latest video

Featuring our 6, 16 and 24-pin ranges, we highlight the capabilities that set these connectors apart. From IP67 rated to advanced 240W power delivery options, we’ve got you covered.

Discover the unique features of each pin configuration and how they cater to different device requirements. Whether you are an engineer, designer, or tech professional, this guide serves as a valuable resource.

For USB, think GCT!


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