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Product Release:

USB Type-C Charging performance at micro prices

USB4085 USB Type-C Charging Connector

GCT launches a market first with the all new USB4085, a Type-C connector specifically aimed for power charging designs.

Adoption of Type-C has been slow primarily due to higher costs versus other USB variants.  But there are clear benefits for using Type-C, particularly for charging applications where faster charge rates and a reversible form factor for ease of use are key considerations.  GCT has responded by developing the price competitive USB4085.  With pricing at US$0.50 for 10K pieces, this makes Type-C more accessible than ever and a real option for engineers to design into charging and docking applications.

The connector is based on a modified 16 pin configuration giving it the full charge capabilities of Type-C with streamlined USB2.0 functionality.  Available in through hole mount type, there are 4 PCB retention/grounding posts to provide extra strength and integrity on the board.  The USB4085 has a 3.46mm height above PCB and is rated to 10,000 mating cycles.

"Whilst USB Type-C has been in the market for a while and has had the opportunity to fall within design cycles, it hasn't gained traction over existing USB variants such as micro USB for charging and docking applications." comments John Campbell, VP Sales at GCT.  Paul Hulatt, GCT Product Manager further added, "The USB4085 is a break-through connector for charge devices as it provides engineers with the latest Type-C connector functionality at a price point that is well within reach.  I believe this connector can revolutionise product designs in the charging device market and further demonstrates GCT's commitment to drive progressive change in product innovation."

The USB4085 is also supported with an extensive set of resources.  This includes 3D models, product drawings and PCB layout/footprints making it easier and quicker for our customers to design in.  Product samples are also available on GCT's Express service to further speed up your product design.

More information on the exciting new USB4085 Type-C Charging connector can be found on its dedicated product page.

“The USB4085 is a break-through connector for charge devices as it provides engineers with the latest Type-C connector functionality at a price point that is well within reach”

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