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Product Release:

USB3.0 Connectors – Super speed in Micro Format

Micro USB from GCT

Leading connector manufacturer Global Connector Technology has developed a new range of USB3.0 Micro connectors in horizontal PCB mount with B and A/B mating configurations, complementing the existing full size USB3.0 offering.

USB3.0 significantly increases date transmission speeds vs. USB2.0, allowing transmission of up to 4.8 Gbps, ten times faster than USB2.0 connectors, this allows seamless uncompressed transmission of high speed data, such as HD moving images.

USB3.0 allows for more power when required, Micro connectors have 10 contacts which allow an all signal option at 1.0amp per pin, or a power/signal option with two pins rated at 1.8amps and the remainder running at 0.5amp, operating temperature is -30° to 85°C.

GCT PCB receptacles are backward compatible with Micro USB2.0. USB2.0 micro cable assemblies plug into USB3.0 micro receptacles using the left hand cavity, however data will transfer at the lower USB2.0 rate.

GCT offers SMT versions in bottom mount, standard for Micro types with pure SMT or with thru holes shell stakes for strength, gold plating is 30µ” which allows 10,000 mating cycles. A/B types have a reverse Superspeed differential pair pin assignment to allow OTG functionality.

USB3.0 connectors are available in stock for rapid same day sampling. To speed up your design download 2D drawings, specifications and 3D models from our website.
View our USB3.0 Micro Connectors or call your local sales office to see why GCT should be your supplier of choice for USB3.0 connectors.

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