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As the market for USB connectors show no signs of slowing, so does need for new and innovative USB solutions to meet increasingly demanding design requirements.

Here are a selection of USB product highlights from GCT, ranging from latest additions and USB connectors with unique specifications and performance features.

Innovative USB products
ionex charging connectors

USB Type C designed for charging focused applications. Faster charging capabilities of USB Type C at a cost effective price point, ideal for applications where charging is the primary function for a USB connections, making USB Type C now a real option over other popular USB types.

Charging Connector Solutions at GCT

Vertical Mount USB Collection

There are a wide range of USB connectors in the GCT range that are available in vertical mount configuration. It has quickly become a specialism for GCT and is a USB connector option that remains very popular.

View Vertical Mount Products
Innovative Vertical USB products
aquanex waterproof connectors

The waterproof aquanex range brings together high performance micro USB connectors with excellent IP rated sealing capabilities.

Waterproof Connector Solutions at GCT

High mating cycle USB A

The USB1086 has been tested to an industry leading 20,000+ mating cycles to ensure it is one of the most durable Standard USB connectors on the market. This makes the USB1086 perfect for ‘high traffic’ applications.

View High Mating Cycle Products
High Mating Cycle USB products

Vertical Type-C plug with compact PCB footprint

GCT’s first USB Type-C plug connector, the vertical mount USB4151 with compact footprint and enhanced PCB stability. Compared with other vertical mount Type-C plugs available, The USB4151 has one of the smallest footprint on the market.

View USB4151 Vertical USB Type C Connector

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