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Board to Board Connector - Pitch and Pin Header Post Size

Pin Header Pitch Size

GCT's range of post and box board to board connectors allow you to choose from a variety of different pitches. The images here show two examples:

  • Single row pin header, shows pitch spacing between individual pins.
  • Dual row header, shows pitch spacing between pins and between rows. In all other ranges: .039", .050", .079" & .100" pins are laid out in a grid, the spaces between pins and rows is the same.
    • Note the .031" x .047" range breaks that convention.

There are numerous considerations the hardware designer must balance in choosing the correct connector pitch:

  • Space constraint - The smaller the pitch smaller the connector. Generally using smaller pitches allows lower connector profiles and thus lower printed circuit baord stacking profiles. However, GCT offer numerous low profile connector options across all pitches.
  • Current carrying capacity - the smaller the header pin size the lower the current carrying capacity.
  • Other physical constraints - does the range offer the connector types to achieve the design you require? EG there are sixty seven .1" connector options, while nineteen .039" options, so depending on your design requirements you're more likely to find a physical solution in the numerically larger ranges. That said, the small ranges cater for the most basic designs, such as PCB's mating in co-planar, right angle and parallel orientations.

For SMT parts the pitch relates to the pin header mating face, as the contacts in PCB termination area are bent in either direction into surface mount leads.

Where required GCT also offer non standard pitches, you can see an example on our custom connector page.

For experienced hardware designers choosing board to board connectors is second nature, for the uninitiated at can be daunting. We offer design support and will help guide you through the options available. If you need help with your board to board connector design, contact GCT.

GCT board to board connectors are available in the following pitches:

.079" pin header pitch size
.031" x .047" pin header pitch size

Pin Header Post Size

The pin header post size is the cross section of the pin measured in inches²/mm² - only applicable to square pin products.

GCT board to board connectors are available in the following post sizes:

Pitch Post
.039" (1.00mm) .012"² (0.30mm²)
.031" x .047" (0.8 x 1.2mm) .012"² (0.30mm²)
.050" (1.27mm) .016"² (0.40mm²)
.050" (1.27mm) .018"² (0.46mm²)
.079" (2.00mm) .020"² (0.50mm²)
.100" (2.54mm) .025"² (0.64mm²)
pin header post size example