Wire Harness Cable Assembly Solutions

GCT specialise in producing great value custom cable assemblies, from simple crimped discrete wire to complex wiring looms and harnesses. Whatever your location GCT’s experienced sales and engineering teams will help you from design through to production.

Quality is at the heart of GCT’s offering, facilities are UL & ISO 9001:2008 certified. Where customers require UL traceability, GCT ensure materials and components always meet their needs. UL file number and ISO certification.

Assemblies are 100% tested guaranteeing reliability and compliance, a variety of appropriate tests are applied depending on cable assembly type. Examples are: Short or open circuit, intermittent circuit, mis–wiring. Hi-Pot, static load for strain relief, bending test, crimp pull off force, contact to housing retention force and plastic hardness.

Crimped assemblies are used in both signal and power applications, often as part of a wire to board system design.This type of design allow cables to connect to a printed circuit board by use of a female connector terminated to cable. Individual discrete wires are stripped of insulation, crimped and then inserted into female housing to complete the assembly. The completed assembly mates with a male PCB header, which offers options for locking, latching and polarised connectors.

Crimp housing 1.25mm pitch to prepared end - twist strip and tin

6 pole 1.25mm pitch female crimp housing to prepaired ends (twist, stripped and tinned) for soldering, with heat shrink. 28awg PVC Grey jacket. Length: 2,000mm.

Molex Spox Blind Mate to Mini Fit Jacketed assembly with custom panel mount grommet

6 pole Molex SPOX BM female to 2 pole Mini-Fit, twisted red and black 22awg PVC jacket with custom grommet for panel mount & heat-shrink sleeve. Length: 220mm

Crimp Assembly with sleeve 1.25mm pitch and 2.54mm pitch connectors

Computer style housing and sleeving. 1x6P housing (1.25mm pitch) to Molex SL housing 1x6P (2.54mm pitch) cable with PVC sleeving, Length: 240mm

Mini Fit power connector to ring with In-Line fuse

2 pole 4.2mm pitch Mini-Fit male crimp housing, to in-line fuse and 7mm dia ring terminal. Twisted red and black 18 awg PVC jacket. Length: 2,000mm.

.1" pitch crimp housing assembly with grey jacket


6 pole 2.54mm crimp housing each end, 22awg Grey PVC. Length: 500mm.

Simple Hirose crimp assembly with twisted wires


Description: 2x6P housing to 2x6P Hirose housing with twisted wires, Length=70mm

Ring to Faston and stripped cable - two wires in one terminal

p class="uk-text-small">Ring terminal to open wire and female quick disconnector, two wires into single ring terminal. 12AWG green and yellow cable. Length: 140mm.

Complex wire harness with multiple connectors, PCB & grommets

Power and Signal complex harness loom with PCB, sleeving, grommets, sub cables and prepared ends.

Crimp harness with ferrite and protective braid

Power harness, 4 Position crimp housing to 2x fastons, one a piggback. With ferrite, grommet, protective braid sleeving and corrugated loom.

Crimp Harness with transition connector and cable jointing

Single in line 12pin crimping press-fit transition housing to 1x12 pin female housing, 6 x black wires, remainder 2 x 3 discrete wires (red, white and black) jointed with grey jacket and heatshrink, Length: 100mm

Panel Mount Modular Jack to crimp cable assembly

4 pole 2.54mm pitch female KK to panel mount 6 position 6 contact modular jack, UL20251 28AWG (7/0.12BC)x4C(red/yellow/green/black) grey jacket OD 2.50x5.00 mm. Length: 200mm.

RJ11 to RJ45 Adaptor

Modular Jacks RJ11 to RJ45 adaptor cable, flat cable, black, Length: 100mm.

Ring terminal cable with high temperature jacket


4mm diameter ring terminal to same, black 18 awg high temperature jacket and heatshrink. Length: 300mm

Power connector crimp assembly with twisted cable and prepared ends

2 pole 4.2mm pitch Mini-Fit male crimp housing, to cut end. Twisted red and black 18 awg PVC jacket. Length: 3,000mm.

Mini-Fit Plug to prepared ends with in-line fuse and heatshrink jacket

2 pole 4.2mm pitch Mini-Fit male crimp housing, to in-line fuse end stripped and tinned, twisted red and black 18 awg PVC jacket with heat-shrink sleeve. Length: 300mm.

Simple 3.96mm pitch crimp cable harness


8 pole 3.96mm pitch female KK to same, black yellow 18 awg PVC jacket. Length: 60mm.

Rainbow ribbon crimp assembly


8 pole 2.54mm pitch female KK to same, multi colour ribbon cable. Length: 160mm.

Simple MiniFit 24AWG discrete wire cable assembly

4 pole 4.2mm pitch Mini-Fit male crimp housing (2 positions poulated), to 2 pole 4.2mm pitch Mini-Fit male crimp housing. Red and black 24 awg PVC jacket. Length: 220mm.

2.00mm pitch crimped housing to stripped end with jacket

5 pole 2.00mm pitch female crimp housing to prepaired ends. 28awg PVC Grey jacket. Length: 120mm.

GCT offer both industry standard branded (Molex, TE, Hirose, etc) sockets and high quality low cost alternatives. The alternatives are fully intermatable with branded connectors and often have a smaller MOQ and shorter lead time. A wide range of connector pitches are available from 0.8mm thru 5.08mm.

GCT offer many custom wire harness options including a huge choice of cable types - Discrete wire in a wide range of diameters, twisted pair, jacketed multicore, shielded and many other options.

Additional options include braiding, drain wire, heat shrink, cable marking in various styles, including labels, jacket and core colour options offer customers a wide variety of choice. Assemblies may be custom packaged to meet your specifications. Environmental options, such as halogen free are also available.

Cable looms may be supplied with prepared ends, which are stripped, twisted and tinned for soldering to a PCB. Another option is partially stripped, otherwise known as 'slug' to allow customers to prepare twisted ends on site.

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