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IDC Ribbon Cable Assembly Solutions

GCT specialise in producing great value custom IDC cable assemblies, from simple point to point insulation displacement connector cables to daisy chain and breakout cables. Whatever your location GCT’s experienced sales and engineering teams will help you from design through to production.

Quality is at the heart of GCT’s offing, facilities are UL & ISO 9001:2008 certified. Where customers require UL traceability, GCT ensure materials and components always meet their needs. UL file number and ISO certification (embed PDF). UL file number and ISO certification.

Assemblies are 100% tested guaranteeing reliability and compliance, a variety of appropriate tests are applied depending on cable assembly type. Examples are: Short or open circuit, intermittent circuit, mis-wiring. Hi-Pot, static load for strain relief, bending test, crimp pull off force, contact to housing retention force and plastic hardness.

Insulation displacement cable mount connectors are normally female and have an option for strain relief, which offers protection to the terminated contacts. Number of connector contacts is between 4 and 100 depending on the pitch and style required.

2.54mm pitch 40 way IDC sockets with Twist 'N' Flat ribbon cable


40 pole 2.54mm pitch IDC socket with strain relief, to same, 1.27mm pitch Spectra-Strip Twist 'N' Flat rainbow ribbon cable. Length: 250mm.

IDC breakout cable 1.27mm pitch Micromatch 16 pin to 2 x 8 pin

16 pole Micromatch 1.27mm pitch staggered contact IDC plug male on wire (transtition for PCB mounting), breakout to 8 pole Micromatch plugs, 1.27mm pitch 28awg flat ribbon cable grey jacket. Length: 120mm.

Daisy Chain flat grey ribbon cable assembly


20 pole 2.54mm pitch IDC socket, five IDC sockets in a daisy chain, 1.27mm pitch 28awg flat ribbon cable grey jacket. Length: 200mm.

IDC D Sub to 10 way socket flat grey cable

9 pole IDC D-Sub to 10 pole 2.54mm pitch IDC socket with strain relief, 1.27mm pitch 28awg flat ribbon cable grey jacket, Length: 250mm.

HE13 IDC harness multi coloured flat cable


8 pole 2.54mm pitch HE13 IDC socket, to same, 2.54mm pitch 24awg multi coloured flat ribbon cable. Length: 150mm.

RJ11 Modular plug cable assembly IDC


8 pole RJ11 FCC-68 IDC plug, to same, 26awg black PVC jacket. Length: 150mm.

Simple 1.27mm pitch Micro-Match Assembly


8 pole TE Micromatch 1.27mm pitch staggered contact IDC plug male on wire to same, 1.27mm pitch 28awg flat ribbon cable grey jacket. Length 100mm.

1.27mm pitch IDC cable assembly with grey socket connectors


50 pole 2.54mm pitch IDC socket with strain relief to same, 1.27mm pitch 28awg flat ribbon cable grey jacket. Length: 75mm.

20 way IDC simple wire harness


20 way 2.54mm pitch IDC socket with strain relief, to same. 1.27mm pitch 28awg flat ribbon cable grey jacket. Length: 200mm.

IDC cable assemblies with terminated sockets normally mate with PCB headers, normally with male pins. On 1.27mm pitch staggered micro types the male connector is mounted on the cable (male-on –wire) and female header on the PCB, reversing the standard orientation.

A bump on the socket and tab on the header allow the mating header and socket to only mate together in the correct orientation, this is known as ‘polarisation’, there are also options for locking latches on headers which allow the mated header and socket to lock together.

Board-in, or transition connectors allow an inexpensive way of permanently connecting a ribbon cable to a PCB, the cable is terminated to the connector, which is soldered, or pushed by press fit into the PCB. This is a ‘fit and forget’ solution which is not pluggable.

GCT offer both industry standard branded connectors, such Molex Picoflex or TE Micro Match sockets and high quality low cost alternatives. The alternatives are fully intermatable with branded connectors and often have a smaller MOQ and shorter lead time. A wide range of IDC connector pitches are available to fit ribbon cable ranging between 0.635 to 2.45mm pitch.

Standard ribbon cable is grey with red strip identifying pin 1, there are other options, such as rainbow ribbon and Twist ’N Flat and shielded. Additional options include cable marking in various styles, including labels. Assemblies may be custom packaged to meet your specifications. Environmental options, such as halogen free are also available.

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