Custom Overmolded Cable Assembly

GCT specialise in producing great value custom overmolded cable assemblies, which are aesthetically pleasing and offer a professional finish to your product.

Overmolded cables are often used to solve application issues and GCT has helped many customers overcome design problems by offering innovative solutions. Please browse the unique stories behind the products by clicking on the photo gallery. Some examples are, solving power issues by integrating a DC socket into a D Sub, solving accessibility problems by offering right angle cable mounted connectors when straight is the standard, integrating panel mounting to allow normally cable mounted components to pass through an enclosure, backfilling connectors to allow hard cable turns due a space restriction.

Whatever your location GCT's experienced sales and engineering teams will help you from concept and design through to production.

Quality is at the heart of GCT's offering, facilities are UL & ISO 9001:2008 certified. Where customers require UL traceability, GCT ensure materials and components always meet their needs. UL file number and ISO certification.

USB-A, USB-B & RJ45 LAN Sockets in one overmould cables to Overmoulded Plugs

Cable UL2725, USB 2.0 (28AWG 7/0.12BC) x1P+(24AWG7/0.20BC) x 2C+D(28AWG 7/0.12BC), OD 4.2mm, Jacket black PVC. Cable Cat 5e U/UTP AWG24x7/0.127(BC), black PVC jacket. Length 310mm.

Temperature sensor Cable for Medical Application

Temperature sensor with multilayer overmould to 6 Pin DIN connector, gold plated. N-UL [1Px30#(25/0.05TS),PE,ID0.5]x2C(Yellow/Green, White/Brown)+[1Px28#(19/0.08TS),PE,Ido.55]x1C(Red/Black)+(PTFE+16/10/0.08TCBD), Jacket PMS280 Blue PVC 3.5mm dia. L.4000mm

Custom overmould socket cable assembly

12 pole custom overmould socket latching and polarized for blindmate to 30mm prepared end stripped and tinned, 11 core 7/0.2mm PVC insulation, drain wire, jacket 6.5mm PVC black L 450mm.

Box header 12 pole custom latching and polarized for blindmate applications.

Overmolded Panel Grommet to HDD connector coiled assembly

15 pole male High density D-Sub VGA, overmould with logo 45P PVC black, to 21mm x 27mm Panel Grommet. UL2725 28AWG (7/0.12TS) *1P (white/green) +28AWG (7/0.12TS) *2C (red/black) +AL+B (16/4/0.1TS) Black PVC OD 3.8mm. Length 140mm. Coiled 10 turns.

Molded LED block to 1.25mm pitch wire to board

LED molded block with blue and white LED, 26AWG blue, red and white cable, 1.25mm housing crimped, 3 way. Length 200mm.

Molded Micro USB plug to 1.2mm pitch crimp housing

Slim profile molded Micro USB plug right angle, 28AWG black jacketed cable with molded blocker red white green black, 4 way 1.2mm pitch crimp housing. Length 200mm.

USB cable assembly with 'hideaway' molded spigot

USB A plug, jacketed black cable Length: Custom, molded spigot allows hideaway in molding, 1.25mm pitch crimp housing, 73mm length red, white, greeen, black. Coiled and tied.

Overmolded 6 way housing to RJ45 Cable Assembly

Tacho lead, 6 pole socket in extended overmould, to RJ45 with overmould, 6 core 28AWG 7/0.128 black PVC jacket Length 1570mm.

D Sub & RJ45 females in custom overmold to D-Sub cable

9 pole D-Sub female + RJ45 jack overmould with recessed screw holes. To 9 pole D-Sub male moulded hood with thumb screws. Cable UL2464 9core 28AWG, jacket black PVC OD5.5mm Length 150mm.

RJ10 to RH12 Cat5e assembly with overmold backfill seal

Backfilled RJ’s designed to allow a hard cable turn close to connector exit because of space restriction. Modular Jack RJ10 male CAT5e with overmould backfill seal, to RJ12 with overmould backfill, 6 core 28AWG 7/0.12 jacket black PVC OD 3.3mm. Length 400mm.

USB2.0 Cable with custom logo overmold to stripped end

USB 2.0 A type male overmould with logo and '2A MIN' warning, to stripped and tinned open end with moulded panel grommet, 22AWG 30/0.12BC 2 core, black PVC jacket OD3.8MM Length 1,500mm.

USB2.0 A Socket for panel mounting with custom overmold to crimp

USB 2.0 A type socket for panel mount overmould with threaded inserts, to TYU 2.5mm pitch crimp housing, cable 5 core 26AWG 7/0.16 grey PVC jacket OD 3.8mm, Length 150mm.

RJ45 plug to plug, coiled with overmolded seal

RJ45 male CAT5e straight with overmould seal, to RJ45 CAT5e with straight overmould seal, 28AWG 7/0.12 jacket black PVC OD 3.5mm. L 500mm, Coiled 64 turns. Length 2,500mm.

RJ45 Cat5e plugs right angle and straight overmolded

RJ45 male CAT5e with right-angle overmould, to RJ45 CAT5e straight overmould, cable U/UTP 8 core 28AWG 4 pair 7/0.12(CCA) black PVC jacket OD 5,5mm, Length 1,000mm.

USB2.0 cable with B types straight and right angle overmold

USB 2.0 B type male right-angle overmould, to USB 2.0 B type male straight overmould, cable UL2725 USB 28AWG 7/0.128 black PVC jacket OD 3.5mm, Length 1,000mm.

Mini DIN to 2.00mm pitch crimp housing with custom grommet

6 pin Mini-DIN male Push-Pull locking, Molex 87369 2.00mm pitch crimp socket, custom grommet, cable 28awg Grey PVC jacket OD 3.45mm. L. 700mm with 65 coiled turns.

Jack Plug Assembly overmold strain relief to twist and tin

Jack plug 3.5mm OD mono with overmould strain relief, to prepaired ends twist and tinned, cable 26AWG 7/0.16 jacket black with white ident.

USB2.0 Cable with overmolded right angle A plug

USB 2.0 A type male right-angle overmould to USB 2.0 A type male straight overmould, cable UL2725 USB 28AWG 7/0.128 black PVC jacket OD 3.5mm, Length 1,000mm.

Dsub and DC Jack integrated Overmold to Mini DIN

To solve a customer power issue. 9 pole DSub female with DC power jack overmould hood with long screw posts, to 6 pole Mini DIN female overmould strain relief, cable 28AWG 6 core black PVC OD3.5mm, Length 1,000mm.

Automotive power connector to DIN Plug with overmold

In vehicle charger, Automotive power connector, 4 pin DIN plug with overmould, cable UL2464 18AWG 2 core black PVC jacket, Length 1,000mm.

D-Sub with overmolded short screw posts to RJ45

9 pole D-Sub female overmould with short screw post, to RJ45 CAT5e with straight overmould in yellow 60Pa, cable UL2464 5core 26AWG (7/0.16), jacket black PVC OD4.85mm, length 3,000mm.

USB2.0 Cable assembly including cable mounted socket with overmold

USB 2.0 A type socket with overmould, to USB 2.0 A type plug with overmould, cable UL2725 USB 28AWG 7/0.128 black PVC jacket OD 3.0mm, Length 2,000mm.

Micro USB2.0 to USB A gold plated assembly

Micro USB 2.0 B type gold plated male with overmould, to Full size USB 2.0 A type gold plated male with overmould, cable UL2725 USB 28AWG 7/0.128 black PVC jacket OD 3.0mm, L. 1000mm.

Mini USB to full size USB cable assembly

Mini USB 2.0 B type male with overmould, to Full size USB 2.0 A type male with overmould, cable UL2725 USB 28AWG 7/0.128 black PVC jacket OD 3.0mm, Length 130mm.

USB2.0 Cable assembly including cable mounted socket with white overmold

USB 2.0 A type socket with overmould, to USB 2.0 A type plug with overmould, cable UL2725 USB 28AWG and 24AWG white PVC jacket OD 3.0mm, Length 800mm.

All assemblies are 100% tested guaranteeing reliability and compliance, a variety of appropriate tests are applied depending on cable assembly type. Examples are: Short or open circuit, intermittent circuit, mis–wiring. Hi-Pot, static load for strain relief, bending test, crimp pull off force, contact to housing retention force and plastic hardness.

Key advantages of GCT's overmolded product range are the low MOQs (as little as 1,000 pieces) and low tooling cost thresholds - it costs as little as $500 to develop a custom overmold. Target delivery for custom design first off samples is six weeks.

Asides from the overall look and feel of an overmolded cable assembly, there are numerous technical advantages over crimp or IDC cable assemblies. Overmoulding offers excellent durability, using a two mold – inner & outer process. Using this type of cable also enables you to integrate components, including PCB's, which offers customers a variety of design solutions.

The range offers many choices, which our photo gallery demonstrates: Coiled cables, logo printing, integrated ferrites and a huge variety of colour options (including colour matching where required).

We offer material hardness options, measured on the Shore hardness scale, for example grommets which allow cables to be snapped into a panel should be soft rubber, while durability and wear on connector overmolds may be improved by a harder compound. All types are available.

Additional options include braiding, drain wire, heat shrink and cable marking in various styles, including labels. Cable jacket and core colour options offer you a variety of choice. Assemblies may be custom packaged to meet your specifications. Environmental options, such as halogen free are also available.

Cable looms may be supplied with prepared ends, which are stripped, twisted and tinned for soldering to a PCB, you can see examples in the photos. Another option is partially stripped, otherwise known as 'slug' to allow customers to prepare twisted ends on site.

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