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GCT Makes Retro Rechargeable

Charging your electronic equipment is all but second nature to us now. But when you bring back an iconic camera which never had charging capabilities to begin with, what are the options? It was down to GCT to provide a reliable and proven solution for the device, and of course were proud to do so!

It’s been 40 years since Polaroid developed its first OneStep instant camera and a lot has changed in that time. With the emergence of digital photography in the 1990s, the Polaroid picture was no longer the only way to instantly view and share your photos, and the smart phone boom of the early 21st century rendered traditional cameras almost obsolete. However, the late 2010s have seen a resurgence in more tactile forms of recreation from yesteryear. This September (2017), Polaroid Originals - a new brand by Polaroid focusing on analog instant photography - have released the Polaroid OneStep 2, a successor to the original from 1977 that brought instant photography within reach of all.

The method of powering these devices has also come a long way. The original was powered by batteries contained within the film cartridge and didn’t even store enough charge to light the flash. Thankfully the OneStep 2 contains a high performance lithium-ion battery (1100mAh) which lasts up to 60 days and can be charged via GCT’s USB3140 Vertical Micro USB connector. Tried, tested and found the world over in the majority of portable electronic devices, Micro USB is the number one choice for device charging.

Standing just 6.5mm tall, the popular USB3140 is vertically mounted and takes up a tiny amount of the PCB, ideal when limited space is available. The metallic shell stakes help keep it firmly in place whilst enduring the 10,000 insertion cycle it’s rated for. Optional mating entry guides allow a Micro USB plug to easily slide into the aperture, and the USB2.0 technology permits a powerful 1.8 amps of current for fast charging.

"We needed a reliable and durable connector to serve as the primary charge point for the OneStep 2 and the USB3140 met this requirement perfectly," commented Stefanie Koch, Technical Project Manager at Polaroid Originals. Lars Klapproth, GCT German Sales Manager added, "It's a privilege to be part of a traditional and admired product and I wish them every success as they reintroduce their latest instant camera to the market."

It’s easy to see why these devices are making a comeback and the Polaroid Originals OneStep 2 camera is no exception. Retro gadgets infused with the latest electronic components are bringing a new experience to some and nostalgia to others. Innovations within the GCT product range are proven to enhance devices to meet the technology demands of today. Contact GCT to find out more.

USB3140 microUSB charging casestudy polaroid
"We needed a reliable and durable connector to serve as the primary charge point for the OneStep 2 and the USB3140 met this requirement perfectly"

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