USB4070 - Type C USB 3.2 Gen 2 Connector

  • USB4070 3D Render
    USB4070 3D Render
  • 3D Model Preview for USB4070-30-C
  • USB4070 3D Render
  • 3D Model Preview
Series: USB4070
Product Status: Active
Product Family: USB 3.2 Gen 2 Connector
Rated to 240W
Connector style: Type C
Interface: C
USB version: 3.2 Gen 2
Gender: Receptacle
Number of contacts: 24
PCB mount type: Surface mount
Orientation: Vertical
Entry type: Top
Profile: 10.50mm
Mount position: Top mount
Voltage Rating: 48V DC
Current Rating: 5A
Power Rating: 240W
Mating face style: Without mating face lead in
Shell stake: Through hole
Locating Peg: With locating peg
Mating Cycles: 10000
Body Length: 10.50mm

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  • Material

    Housing Material: High temperature thermoplastic
    Contact Terminal: High Grade Copper Alloy
    Metallic Shell: Stainless Steel
    Cover Shell: Iron
    Inner Ground Cover Shell: Stainless Steel
    Mid Plate: Stainless Steel


    Contact Terminal
    Underplating: 50µ" Min. Nickel
    Contact Plating: 30µ" Gold
    Solder Area: 80µ" Matte Tin
    Metallic Shell: 50µ" Min. Nickel
    Cover Shell
    Metallic Shell: 80µ" Min. Nickel
    Inner Ground Cover Shell
    Metallic Shell: 50µ" Min. Nickel


    Voltage Rating: 48V DC
    Current Rating: Vbus pins collectively 5.00A, GND pins collectively 6.25A, B5 pin 1.25A, Other pins 0.25A per pin.
    Contact Resistance: 40mΩ Max.
    Insulation resistance: 100 MΩ MIN.
    Dielectric withstanding voltage: 100V AC/Minute


    Durability: 10,000 cycles
    Mating Force: 5 to 20N
    Unmating Force: 6 to 20N (post test)
  • Product Change Notice for USB4070

    GCT USB4070 B PCN 20160704.pdf

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