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About DC Power Jacks

DC Power Jacks

PCB mounted DC power jack connectors are small cylindrical connectors with a central metal pin. They come in a variety of sizes to suit:

  • A range of power ratings
  • Orientation on the PCB - Vertical and Horizontal
  • PCB mount type - Thru Hole and SMT

These connectors are normally used in an input/output function on handheld equipment. Mounted on a PCB and through a panel cut out to allow connection to a power supply.

The jack is mounted on the product to be powered, the mating cylindrical plug (not supplied by GCT) is normally mounted on a cable assembly connected to a power supply.

Jacks contain a normally closed contact, which can be used to disconnect internal batteries whenever the power supply is connected, avoiding the risk of battery leakage or explosion posed by incorrect recharging of the batteries.

Sometimes this connector system is known as 'coaxial power connectors', 'barrel connectors', or 'tip connectors'.

DC Power Cable Plugs

Plugs normally have an insulated tip to accept the mating pin. The outer body of the plug is one contact, most often but not always the negative side of the supply. A pin mounted in the socket makes contact with a second internal contact. The outer plug contact is often called the sleeve, while the inner one is called the tip. GCT do not offer DC cable plugs.