Flat Flexible Cable Solutions

Why Choose FFC / FPC Solutions over Wire to Board connectors?

Customers have many choices when it comes to Wire to Board connections, so why should they choose flat flexible cable and connectors over other wire to board solutions, such as IDC/IDT or discrete wire types?

Our customers tell us that the key advantage is an overall cost saving over wire to board solutions but there are many other benefits identified below.

FFC vs wire to board
Flat Flexible Cable Solution - Better suited for designs with limited space and PCB 'real estate' and generally easier to use and terminate, with a lower cost of ownership than Wire to Board solutions. 
(Example shown: FFC2B28)
Wire-to-Board Solution - A useful option but is restricted when used in compact and space saving designs. This solution is more complex as it requires cable contacts, housings and PCB headers to be assembled together.

Connector Profile & Footprint

Compared to other solutions FFC / FPC connectors generally offer a low height profile, small PCB footprint, light weight properties and are simple for operators to use.

All GCT's FFC / FPC connectors are ZIF, or Zero Insertion Force. This means that no force is exerted on the cable contact during assembly. The result is a trouble-free process without the possibility of damaging any contacts. The locking actuator holds the cable in place which is beneficial in applications with shock and high vibration.

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FFC / FPC PCB Footprint

Pre-Formed and enhanced Cables

GCT’s Flat Flex Cable can be ordered pre-formed to your exact specification. This can be a single fold or complex multi folds to suit your design. Cables can also be supplied with labels, sticky tape and black insulators if required.

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Applications - Traditional & Innovative

Flat flexible cable connectors are traditionally favoured in applications where mechanical flexibility is critical, such as scanners, photocopiers and display devices. Standard solid or stranded wire cable assemblies would fail in these applications, whereas flat flexible cable is designed to be flexed many thousands of times without damage to the cable or connector.

But, the mix of pitches, connector types, adaptability of the cable and cost saving opportunity means that Flat Flex Cables & Connectors are used today in many other applications where low-cost PCB linking is needed

FFC / FPC Cable Applications

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