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Lighting Connectors

lighting connector range

GCT's range of lighting connectors is suitable for use in solid state lighting (SSL) applications. The range incudes board to board and wire push in connectors. LED strip lighting applications are generally low cost in design, consisting of a small panels of LED lights clustered on a narrow PCB which snap together in co-planar orientation.

Connectors are supplied in natural LCP, which aesthetically matches the majority of LED strip lighting PCB colours in the market. The natural coloured LCP also reduces light absorption and shadowing while offering resistance to reflow solder temperatures.

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What is a wire trap connector?
4.00mm pitch planar mating
2.54mm pitch planar mating

Wire trap connectors 2.40 & 4.00mm pitch

wire trap connectors

Surface mount terminal block connectors with one to three circuits, allow termination of stripped stranded or solid wire. This method of termination allows populated printed circuit boards to be wired and installed easily in the field without the use of special tools. A slider button cable removal system makes for easy maintenance and repair. Choosing this range also allows the use of one connector to connect all PCB's and power supply, reducing the number of components on your bill of materials.

GCT offer two varieties, 2.40mm and 4.00mm pitch, each having different characteristics:

  • BL300 2.40mm pitch offers a height of 3.60mm (max) with a footprint of 7.90mm x 7.60mm in three circuits. This connector accepts cables with stranded conductions in 22 & 24 AWG.
  • BJ302 4.00mm pitch offers a height of 4.50mm (max) with a footprint of 11.8mm x 11.45mm in three circuits. This connector accepts solid conductors in 18 to 24 AWG and stranded conductions in 20 to 22 AWG.

Solid and tinned stranded cables may be inserted into the connector by simply pushing into the contact cavity, and removed by operating the slider on top of the connector.

Current rating is 8A per contact with 18 AWG solid cable on BJ302 and 4A per contact with 22 AWG on BL300, both have an operating temperature of -40° to +105°C.

Full cable preparation, insertion and extraction information may be found in the detailed production specifications.

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Board to board 4.00mm pitch - Planar mating

planar mating board to board connector

BJ300 & 301 are two position surface mount board to board connectors perfect for LED strip light applications.

GCT lighting connectors fit perfectly with the application as they're economically priced and fit onto small and thin PCBs, mated connector height is 2.6mm, with a total mated footprint of 8.80mm (width) x 11.00mm (depth).

A dual contact design including a mating guide offers high reliability and protects terminals during mating and un-mating. In addition the connectors are polarised - they may only be plugged together in the correct orientation. Current rating is 3A per contact at 300V, operating temperature -55° to +105°C.

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Board to board 2.54mm pitch - Planar mating

board to board 2.54mm pitch connector

The BG300-306 range are LED light strip connectors in both surface mount and through hole.

Post and box style connectors offer mating combinations of header and socket which are perfectly aligned to allow planar mating of two PCB's.

Economical one piece U-Shaped connectors BG304 & 305 may be hard soldered to your PCB or mated to BG306 single row sockets.

Current rating is 3A per contact, with an operating temperature of -40° to +105°C.

3D models are available for viewing online or instant download. Samples are available next day from your local GCT office and also via our distribution partners.

All lighting connectors are available in natural LCP (white) and are fully RoHS and Reach compliant.

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