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Micro SD Card Connectors

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About Micro SD Memory Card Connectors

MicroSD ConnectorGlobal Connector Technology offers both Push-Push style & Hinged Style connectors suitable for Micro SD Card, formerly known as Trans-Flash (or T-Flash) card.
The push push style offers built-in spring system, braking tabs and rib-wall in the inner housing. Card insertion and extraction is controlled for smooth and reliable entry and ejection, eliminating the risk of cards falling-out, cards sticking or card damage during insertion & extraction. The push push style also features a reliable card detection switch, which by electrical detection assures card full insertion or extraction.

For high vibration environments, we provide the hinged style which ensures a secure contact by locking down the card and thus restricting its movements.

If you would like more information or would like to request samples, please contact GCT.

Latest GCT Product - MEM2075

GCT has released the MEM2075, one of the slimmest memory card connectors in the market with a push-push ejector type. The MicroSD connector has a profile height of just 1.4mm making it a super-slim option for engineers where there are space limitations and height is a defining feature in their designs. The product length with card inserted is also a mere 17.25mm, adding to its credentials.

Check out the MEM2075 product video for more information. You can also find detailed MEM2075 specifications on the product page.