Modular Jacks

Modular Jack Connectors

GCT offer a range of single port Modular Jack connectors, offering vertical and horizontal mounting in both SMT and thru hole technologies.
Surface mount jacks are available in standard and low profiles, with panel stop options which allow panel mounting.
Horizontal Thru hole jacks are available in low profile and standard profile options Horizontal versions offer both standard (bottom) and inverted (top) latch types. A variety of body shapes and panel stop versions are available.
GCT offer a wide variety of contact configurations, 8/8, 6/6, 6/4 and 4/4, please contact GCT if a special configuration is required.
GCT jacks are suitable for Category 3: -34dB @ 16 MHz between pairs.

View Modular Jack Connectors by number of positions
The maximum number of potential contacts. The position may not have a contact dependant on whether the position is loaded.
View SIM Connectors by Number of Positions Loaded
The number of positions that have a contact available. Positions may be empty dependant on application requirements.
View SIM Connectors by Orientation
Defines the orientation which a connector sits on the PCB. Vertical (straight) is 90° to the PCB, right angle (horizontal) is 180° to the PCB.
View SIM Connectors by Mount Type
Termination method of soldering connector onto PCB.


Often the market describes Modular Jack connectors as 'RJ45', it has become a common term, the below section provides clarification:

  • Common versions:
  • RJ-9 or an RJ-22—both incorrect, there is no valid Registered Jack number for 4P4C.
  • RJ11: 6 positions 2 centre positions loaded.
  • RJ12: 6 positions, 6 loaded.
  • RJ13 : 6 positions, 4 centre positions loaded.
  • RJ45: 8 positions, 8 loaded. Not correct, often called 'RJ45' just resembles true RJ45, 8/8 is actually officially RJ49, 61 or others. RJ 45 is truly 8/2. Although the market knows 8/8 as RJ45.
  • RJ50: 10 positions, 10 loaded (unofficial).

If you would like more information or would like to request samples, please contact GCT or view all our Modular jack connectors

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