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Find the perfect connector for your application!

Find the perfect connector for your application!

At GCT we're aiming for our website to be easy for customers to navigate and to find the perfect connector for your application. A lot of thought, time and effort goes into designing the website search functionality.

We aim for customers to find the connectors as quickly as possible. We've numerous veterans of the industry in our team at GCT, damaged over the years by too much time spent looking at our competitors search pages (-: But seriously, it’s often difficult to find the connector you need, which is frustrating for guys like me with twenty+ years in the connector industry, so for engineers and designers who don't major in hardware it can be a major headache.

To make life easier we added a new function at gct.co which defines each option in the parametric search. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking customers understand the connector terminology we use everyday and take for granted, it’s a minefield.

We've de-mystified – USB interface types, PCB mount positions, SIM card detection switches, board to board socket entry types and many other obscure and difficult to understand industry terms. OK, your not going to be rushing there to check, but next time your designing in a PCB connector product click on the little question mark (see below) and see if it helps.

Your comments on further improvement are very welcome. Up until now we completed the work on the following connector products: SIMUSB and Board to board. Will keep you posted on further developments.


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