USB Connector Range

A comprehensive selection of USB connectors available in Full size, Type C, Micro and Mini interface types. Unique USB 2.0 Type-C charging and waterproof Micro USB options are also available in the range. Chances are GCT have the right USB connector for you.

View USB Connectors by connector size
Defines connector body style, from largest Full Size, down thru Type-C to Mini and Micro.
  • USB2.0 is available in Micro, Mini, Type-C and Full Size
  • USB3.0 is available in Full Size only
  • USB3.2 Gen 2 is available in Type C only
  • USB C charge only is available in Type-C only
View USB Connectors by type
Type A is available in full size only
Type A/B is available in micro only
Type B is available in full size, mini & micro
Type C is available in USB Type-C and USB Type-C charge only
View USB Connectors by version
GCT offer connectors for the following USB versions:
  • USB2.0 is suitable to 480 Mbps, with 4 contacts in Full Size, 5 contacts in Mini and Micro and 16 contacts in Type-C
  • USB3.0 (also known as USB Superspeed) is suitable to 5 Gbps, with 9 contacts in Full Size
  • USB3.2 Gen2 is suitable to 10 Gbps, with 24 contacts in Type C
  • USB Type-C Charging has 6 contacts and is only suitable for charging applications
View USB Connectors by orientation
Position of the connector mating face relative to the PCB.
  • Vertical (straight) is 90° to the PCB.
  • Horizontal (right angle) is 180° to the PCB
View USB Connectors by gender
Male Plugs mate with Female receptacles. When mated the body of the plug is enveloped by the female USB socket.

For Full Size types, mated connectors are held in place by sprung tangs on the female shell which latch into two cavities on the male shell. 

Micro types have the opposite arrangement with tangs on the male shell and cavity on female shells, this is a key reason why USB Micro receptacles are suitable for ten thousand mating cycles.

Type C connectors have internal spring tangs on the male shell.

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