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Product Release:

GCT Switches things up with New SIM8055 Nano SIM Connector

SIM8055 Nano SIM Connector with Card Detect Switch

Knowing if a SIM card is present and in position is a fundamental requirement for many designs, but to include this feature can take up valuable PCB space.  GCT's new Nano SIM connector with innovative card detection switch solves this issue, introducing the SIM8055.

The new connector has one of the smallest footprints available on the market with card detect functionality.  It is able to achieve this due to an innovative split contact design that takes up no extra PCB real estate.

“The SIM8055 will further strengthen GCT's SIM connector range as it’s our first Nano SIM connector with this feature,” comments Paul Hulatt, GCT Product Manager.  “Options remain limited in the market for Nano SIM connectors with card detect capabilities and GCT found a creative way to build this into the design without adding any bulk.”

The new Nano SIM connector has a Push-Pull ejector type and is in ‘normally open’ switch configuration.  With a space saving PCB footprint of 12.2mm length and 9.54mm width, optional locating pegs are also available making it a versatile connector for your designs.

You can find out more about GCTs new SIM8055 including specifications, 3D models and drawings on www.gct.co/connector/sim8055


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