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SIM8055 - Push-Pull SIM Card Connector

  • SIM8055 3D Render
    SIM8055 3D Render
  • SIM8055 Three Quarter View
    SIM8055 Three Quarter View
  • SIM8055 Three Quarter View
    SIM8055 Three Quarter View
  • SIM8055 Top
    SIM8055 Top
  • SIM8055 Bottom
    SIM8055 Bottom
  • SIM8055 Side
    SIM8055 Side
  • SIM8055 3D Render
  • SIM8055 Three Quarter View
  • SIM8055 Three Quarter View
  • SIM8055 Top
  • SIM8055 Bottom
  • SIM8055 Side
Series: SIM8055
Product Status: Active
Product Family: 4FF Nano SIM connector
Worlds smallest SIM connector with card detection switch
Connector style: Push-Pull
Number of contacts: 6
Polarised? Yes
Card detection switch: With switch - Normally Open
Profile: 1.35mm
Locating peg option: Optional locating peg

  • SIM8055
  • SIM8055

Product Description

Knowing if a SIM card is present and in position is a fundamental requirement for many designs, but to include this feature can take up valuable PCB space. GCT's new Nano SIM connector with innovative card detection switch solves this issue, introducing the SIM8055.

This new connector has one of the smallest footprints available on the market with card detect functionality. It is able to achieve this due to an innovative split contact design that takes up no extra PCB real estate.

Product Details

  • SIM8055-6-1-14-00-A


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  • Material

    Housing Material: LCP + 30% GF, UL94V-0, Black
    Contact Terminal: Phosphor Bronze
    Metallic Shell: Stainless Steel SUS301


    Contact Terminal
    Underplating: 50µ" Min. Nickel
    Contact Plating: 3µ" Gold
    Solder Area: Gold Flash


    Voltage Rating: 30V Max
    Current Rating: 0.5A Max
    Contact Resistance: 100mΩ max.
    Insulation resistance: 1000MΩ min./500VDC min.
    Dielectric withstanding voltage: 100VAC for 1 minute


    Durability: 5,000 cycles

    Environmental and Processing

    Operating Temperature: -40°C to +85°C

Contacts & Connections

Europe, Middle East & Africa

London, UK (HQ)

+44 (0)1707 321122

Düsseldorf, DE

+49 2166 555 1345

The Americas

Boston, MA, USA

+1 978 208 1618

San Jose, CA, USA

+1 650 448 9660


Hong Kong, HK

+852 2578 9030

Singapore, SG

+65 8332 2263

New Delhi, IN

+91 987 300 8975
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