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White Lite - Low cost PCB connector solution for Solid State Lighting

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Leading connector manufacturer Global Connector Technology offers a new range of connectors for SSL applications.

White Lite is aimed at LED strip applications; perfectly aligning centre lines of horizontal mating printed circuit boards. Available in both SMT or thru hole with 2-6 contacts as a two piece or as a thru hole single piece solution with an innovative U-shaped connector design.

U-shaped connectors are an economical option and allow connections where access from above the PCB is the only option. U-Shaped connectors can be either soldered direct to the PCB or plugged into vertical PCB sockets.

LCP insulators are natural coloured to reduce light absorption not only providing better aesthetics but also a resistance to high process temperatures.

All White Lite parts are available in stock for rapid same day sampling. To speed up your design you can also immediately download 2D drawings and 3D models from our website.

View White Lite connectors

Free evaluation samples of all White Lite parts are available and shipped same day from your local sales office.

White Lite is also stocked by our channel partners Future Electronics, Farnell and Newark.

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