USB 3.0 Connectors - Superspeed

USB3.0 Connectors - Full Size

USB3 Full Size

  • A & B Connector types.
  • 9 pins- Compared to 4 pins USB2.0.
  • Blue Insulators.
  • 5,000 Mating Cycles.
  • Top PCB mount standard, bottom mount versions available.
  • Backward compatible with USB2.0 full size cables.
  • All versions with shell stakes to ensure high strength on PCB.
  • SMT versions in high temperature LCP.
  • Receptacles with six friction fingers to ensure high retention force (8.0N min).

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USB 3.0 Connectors - Micro B & AB

  • 10 pins - Compared to 5 pins on USB2.0.
  • B USB 3.0 Micro Band AB USB 3.0 Micro A/B versions.
  • Black insulators.
  • Backward compatible with µUSB2.0 (left hand side) cables.
  • 10,000 mating cycles.
  • Bottom PCB mount - Standard.
  • Smaller and more durable than Mini USB.
  • Termination Options: Pure SMT, six solder pads for strength or SMT with thru hole shell stakes for greater strength.

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USB speed

Micro USB3.0 - A and AB Connector Mating Configurations

Micro USB3.0 - A and AB mating configurations

With the introduction of µUSB3.0 Plug (2007), a new plug receptacle ‘µA/B' was introduced. It accepts cable plug either µA or µB.

OTG Mechanical Rules:

  • Must have a single µAB receptacle and no other USB receptacles.
  • Cable has a micro-A plug on one side, and a micro-B plug on the other (cannot have two plugs of same type).
  • µUSB adds a fifth pin vs. standard USB, called ID-pin; µA plug has the ID pin grounded, while the ID in the µB plug is floating.

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Bottom Mount USB 3.0 Connectors

For high volume applications (100k+ per annum) GCT offer a variety of bottom mount USB3.0 connectors. Mid mount USB3 connectors are perfect for low profile consumer electronics applications where height above and below the PCB are critical. GCT offer a huge range of mid mounting USB3 connectors with options for mounting on the top or bottom of the PCB, the image above shows a selection of options including 'sink' bottom mount options. Standard USB connector mounting is on top of the PCB, but working with customers, we've engineered a range of innovative solutions to allow mounting on the bottom of the PCB. The GCT range allows the insulator to be in a perfect position to allow normal cable mating with the USB symbol facing upwards. Whatever your space constraints we can offer an USB3 connector solution!

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Bottom Mount USB3.0 Connectors

Dual USB 3.0 Connectors

Dual USB3 Connectors

Dual A type receptacle USB1100 suitable for transfer speeds of up to 4.8Gbps. 30µ” gold contact plating allows 5,000 mating cycles while forked metal stakes provide extra PCB strength, USB1100 is supplied as standard in tape and reel packaging. This dual stack USB connector is insert moulded and automatically assembled for superior quality.

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USB3.0 Key Advantages vs. USB2.0

Data transmission up to 4.8Gbps, ten times faster than USB2.0:

  • Higher speed enables seamless uncompressed transmission of high speed data, such as high definition moving pictures.

More Power:

  • 50% more power transmission when required.

Less Power:

  • Key reason is asynchronous transmission, turns on only when read/write is required.
  • Numerous other power reduction features, in total USB3.0 uses approx 1/3rd less power.


  • USB3.0 cables max. 3 meters.

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