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Waterproof applictions for aquanex® Micro USB

By David Luu, Marketing Manager GCT

As the demand for waterproof connections in electronic equipment continues to rise, GCT’s aquanex® IP67 micro USB connectors have grown from strength to strength.

From devices used in outdoor environments, to equipment exposed to wet and dusty applications, aquanex provides a watertight connection for various devices.

Constructed with a single piece metal injection moulded stainless steel shell, aquanex connectors have excellent structural integrity. Every connector is individually tested in a vacuum to confirm sealed performance, ensuring you have the best connector for the job.

Aquanex connectors have also been independently tested to withstand 30G shock and up to 2000 Hz vibration without disconnect or damage, further enhancing their appeal for harsh environments.

Since the launch of aquanex in 2019, countless applications have taken advantage of the IP67 rated performance. Here are just a few examples of where aquanex micro USB connectors are used.

aquanex applications

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Medical Devices

Aquanex® provides new medical technology with a safe and sealed connection for innovative health devices, primarily for hygiene reasons. The ability to prevent water and dust ingress when keeping equipment clean is crucial. From digital dosing devices to medical probes and cameras, the IP67 micro USB helps to keep devices powered and charged.

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There’s been a boom in external camera devices for domestic security and surveillance, perfect for aquanex due to cameras and sensors being positioned outdoors, exposed to different weather environments. From a different security perspective, mobile fingerprint scanners deployed by the police have also adopted aquanex connectors for charging and data transfer when out in the field.

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Tracking & Positioning

GPS devices for wearable technology and bikes/cycles take full advantage of aquanex’s IP67 rated performance. Livestock tracking devices are also an increasing trend as IoT applications continue to infiltrate the Agri-Tech market. These trackers utilise micro USB for charging and diagnosis, perfect for keeping a digital eye on cows, pigs and much more.

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Recreation & Leisure

Technology for hot tubs and saunas is becoming increasing sophisticated. From control panels, cleaning equipment and monitoring devices, aquanex connectors are perfectly at home in such wet and damp applications.

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Consumer Electronics

Toothbrushes, shavers, e-readers, tablets and bicycle lights are just a few examples of consumer products that encounter water or are used in outdoor environments. Since aquanex connectors are rated IP67 mated and unmated, devices remain watertight when used and while charging.

Aquanex is available in two mount position types, mid-mount (USB3500) and top-mount (USB3505). Both connectors are micro USB B, share IP67 performance, 1.8A rated and have profile heights of 4.90mm. A silicon seal is moulded to the exact connector profile to ensure reliability against the large flange creating an optimal seal.

The era of smart, connected technology is well underway, pushing new and existing technologies into demanding applications where a waterproof connection is critical for device functionality. Aquanex connectors are a compact, reliable IP67 solution that will continue to provide power and data for these applications and many more.

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