MJ3221-88 - Category 3 Through hole Modular Jack

  • MJ3221-88 product view
    MJ3221-88 product view
  • 3D Model Preview for MJ3221-88-0
  • MJ3221-88 front view
    MJ3221-88 front view
  • MJ3221-88 product view
  • 3D Model Preview
  • MJ3221-88 front view
Series: MJ3221-88
Product Status: Active
Product Family: Modular Jack
PCB mount type: Through hole
Orientation: Right angle
Profile: 14.50mm
Category: Category 3
Shielding: Unshielded
Positions loaded: 8
Panel stop: With panel stop
Locating peg: With locating peg
Latch Style: Inverted (latch top)

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  • Material

    Contact Material: Phosphor Bronze 0.46mm thickness
    Standard Insulator Material: PBT, Black, UL-94V-0


    Contact Terminal
    Underplating: Nickel-plated all over
    Contact Plating: Gold Flash


    Voltage Rating: 125 V AC (RMS)
    Current Rating: 1.5 AMP
    Contact Resistance: 20mΩ Max
    Insulation resistance: 1000MΩ Min at 500v DC
    Dielectric withstanding voltage: 1000 VAC/DC Peak between terminals


    Durability: 750 Cycles
    Mating Force: 30N Max

    Environmental and Processing

    Operating Temperature: -40°C to +85°C
    Solder Temperature: Peak temp 265°C (+/-5°C) Maximum (10 seconds)

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