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Application Story:

GCT work with picoPOD in application to help the energy poor

Global Connector Technology is delighted to supply connectors for MOAB POWER’s picoPOD project, which is a fascinating application.

There are estimated to be 1.6 billion energy poor people in the world, mainly in developing countries. The picoPOD delivers a solution for those people who are off the electricity grid to be able to power simple appliances, offers basic lighting and mobile phone charging.

Moab claim its 10 year plus battery life delivers more power and brighter lights than competitors, wrapped up in a smaller package.

MOAB Power teamed up with the GCT Sales staff in the early stages of development allowing for product samples and engineering support during the crucial stages.  As a result, the picoPOD is using GCT’s  full size, dual stacked receptacle USB1035 to allow for multiple, simultaneous charging capabilities.  The USB1035 dual stack is ideal for all applications requiring multiple horizontally USB sockets, where space is an issue.

picoPOD to help the energy poor
picoPOD in application to help the energy poor

The picoPOD utilizes proprietary, safe, 10-year lithium solar cells, coupled with smart power management and an LED gauge. Enclosed in a small form factor case, it is less than 1/3 the size and weight of competing lead acid systems and much more environmentally friendly.

The picoPOD line up consists of two versions with 30Wh and 60Wh batteries, each with 4x12v and 2 USB ports. Application include LED lighting, mobile phone charging and powering DC appliances such as fans, radios, televisions, etc.

A 90Wh, laptop version, is also in development.

Included with the picoPOD, are appropriately sized solar panels, 3x1W [100 Lumen] LED lights and a multi-tip mobile phone charging cable.  160 Lumen – 1 Watt LED lights are optional.

We’re told the picoPOD units to help the energy poor will start shipping Q1 2016. Find more information here.

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